Silver Moon Band

The Silver Moon Band plays on the driveway of Dave and Jamie Smith on Sunday. Dave Smith plays drums.

Arlington High School seniors got a special treat on Sunday during their graduation parade.

They were invited to drive by the home of Dave and Jamie Smith as Dave's band, Silver Moon Band, rehearsed in the driveway.

The seniors arrived to cheers and a recording of "Pomp and Circumstance" played over the speakers as they passed by the house.

Silver Moon Band

Guests listen as the Silver Moon Band plays on the driveway of Dave and Jamie Smith on Sunday. Dave Smith plays drums.

While Silver Moon Band was rehearsing for upcoming performances, neighbors gathered in their own driveways, and the band's family members sat at the end of the Smith's driveway to listen.

The rehearsal was combined with graduation celebrations, including that of the Smiths' son, Tanner, who earned his master's degree from Purdue University.

"While they're doing a rehearsal, we thought we could have a neighborhood social gathering while social distancing," Jamie said. "The high school seniors came down, we played the recording and we were trying to make it a little special for them."

Jamie said the band got together Mother's Day weekend, playing on the driveway as neighbors sat outside, listening to what was a karaoke night with her youngest son, Riley, and his friends.

Jean Ristow listened from across the street.

"It's fantastic," she said. "It's nice to have a neighborhood that gets together."

Linda Schafer said having the band play in the driveway made the graduation more special for them.

Band members include Smith on drums, Dave Smid, Eric Johnson, Stan Schmedding, Chris Johnson, Erin Eairleywine-Ganzel and Jeff Nelson. Members come from former bands such as Street Legal, Ivory Star, One Night Stand and Next Gen. They have played at Arlington Summer Sizzle and other events and their genres include southern rock, rocking blues, country rock, rock and roll and classic rock.

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