Arlington Summer Sizzle fireworks are on and local residents are behind the colorful sights and sounds that will explode across the sky near the baseball field July 3.

“This is our favorite show because it is local,” Sarah Bosshart said. “We have a perimeter for safety, but it is fun when people stop by the perimeter to say hello.”

Fireworks background

A team from Arlington prepares the shells for the Summer Sizzle fireworks show in this file photo. It takes hours to prepare for a 10-13 minute show.

Bosshart, her husband, Ryan, TJ and Thad Kloster, and Dave Tonjes run the fireworks show through J & M Displays. Ryan was trained as a lead shooter six years ago and Sarah has been trained for two years.

“It is fun to participate in any way but to be the one shooting (is best),” Sarah said. “I like shooting them.”

The fireworks show was originally run by members of the Arlington Volunteer Fire Department. Ryan is also a member of the department. 

“Most of the guys weren’t able to continue and that is where I came in,” Sarah said. “Ryan was lead shooter and had an interest in fireworks, it was a nice outlet for him.”

The 10- to 13-minute shows take hours to prepare. The team gets the fireworks a week before the show.

“Our work is laying out the show and coordinating music, making plans on where to place things depending on the wind, assembling the racks and angling the tubes so the fireworks fill the sky when they go,” Sarah said. “All the products are checked. We have walkie-talkies and have someone in the band start the music.”

Sarah said they spend 10 to 15 hours putting the music together through a computer program and testing it to make sure everything lines up.

“We like the music to reflect who we are shooting for,” she said. “I want it to be about the community and have a message.”

Music for shows may be more patriotic and include something popular, like “Let it go” from “Frozen.”

“All of the music one year had a military message,” she said. “It was fun putting it together, but I don't know if people get the message.”

The team arrives on First Street just east of the Two Rivers Sports Complex between 8 and 10 a.m. on the day of the show.

“There is a lot of stuff to bring with multiple trucks and trailers,” she said.

These fireworks aren't your typical sparklers.

"The largest shells we have ever worked with are 10 inches," she said."The fireworks stands sell 1 inch for comparison."

Sarah said they didn’t have a problem getting fireworks for the show because they ordered it early. “We got the contract early and ordered months ahead of time,” she said.

There's a certain feeling that comes to the team when everything comes together.

"I enjoy the rush when the show is going off," she said. "It's fun to watch it and know you put it together. I love hearing the crowd."

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