AHS Band Video

The Arlington sixth-grade band plays the Finale from The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky under the direction of Allison Mastny.

The band plays on at Arlington High School — from their own homes, social distancing with their instrument and a laptop. Videos were recently released on YouTube of the band playing together.

Instrumental music teacher Allison Mastny coordinated the process.

"First, I created a video of myself conducting while the song played then sent it out to the students," she said. "All the students then record themselves playing their part with my video on a different device. They sent those videos to me and I used GarageBand, iMovie and Final Cut Pro to put everything together. It is a process." 

Mastny said she has been on YouTube a lot in the last month and half. 

"For my classes, I do a virtual rehearsal/class and the students job is to view that video and practice during the week," she said. "We were lucky to get free subscriptions to some music assessment software that makes recording a bit easier on everyone. It's hard because we're not together and I can't immediately fix things like I'm used to. We are making it work."

It's not the same as being with peers, senior and trumpet player Milee Young said.

"It has been pretty difficult for me to get the motivation to actually do my band homework," Young said. "It's not that I don't like band but it can be a very social activity and without all my classmates being there I just don't really want to do anything."

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