Arlington Estates

Arlington Estates has been cleared of all remaining mobile homes and will now be used for outdoor storage.

Clifton Johnson, owner of Arlington Estates, was granted a conditional use permit Monday during the Village Board of Trustees meeting for an outdoor storage facility. The property at 405 W. Elm Street is the site of the mobile home park that was destroyed in the 2019 flood.

Johnson said after the infrastructure is all attended to construction will begin on the Washington County Secure Outdoor Storage facility.

"I had a fully licensed mobile home park and wasn't going to do anything without the approval of the board," he said. "I am moving forward with my plans to construct and start the business."

The fence-secured facility will be a little over two acres.

"It will be a nice looking place," Johnson said.

Johnson told the board he got the property cleaned up.

“I cut down all the trees, got the last of the homes torn down. I had to bring in big excavators, got the two acres cleaned and mowed. I got two fence estimates. It’s going to cost about $100,000 to do this project," he said.

Johnson said it will cost around $15,000 for gravel, around $25,000 to clean up the trees and he spent about $10,000 of his own and lost $20,000 since the flood.

The main 30-foot-wide entrance and storage area will be rocked. Johnson told the board someone will come and spray it to kill all the vegetation first.

"We are ready to go," he said. "I just hope I'll get my first customer after advertising and putting a new structure in," Johnson said.

Chairman Paul Krause said outdoor storage seems as if it is a booming business.

"I’d be surprised if it doesn't go," he said.

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