Savings will still add up for Arlington Elementary students but the collection will look different during this coronavirus pandemic.

Students learn to save their pennies and earn prizes through the Bank-in-School program. Two Rivers Bank, in conjunction with the school and the Arlington chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), opened the branch at the school in 2016.

The deposit-only bank will be open every Wednesday, but it will be the classroom teachers who will fill out the deposit slips and collect the money.

"My students will then count and check the amounts, fill out their books, enter them in the spreadsheet, and then return the information to the teacher with any prizes the students earned," Shawna Koger, Arlington FBLA adviser, said. "We are calling our bank a drive-through since the lobby is closed due to COVID."

Alex Gill, a third grade teacher, collected money from her students Wednesday morning. Students filled out deposit slips and put their cash, bank books and deposit slips in a plastic bag for the FBLA students to collect later in the day.

"I think it is going to be better," Gill said. "I have already passed out two or three permission slips because all the kids that weren't doing it see the others."

Bank in School

Third-grader Brenna Prenzlow fills out a deposit slip for the first day of bank-in-school Wednesday at Arlington Elementary School.

Koger believes it will be an all-day process on Wednesdays.

"Deposits will happen at the beginning of the day," she said. "My students will use study hall time to process the deposits." 

At sixth grade graduation, students who participated in the bank program will receive a check for the amount of money they accumulated. Two Rivers Bank presents them checks and offers a bonus for the students who open their own account at the bank after sixth grade.

"Everything will be the same except for a drive-through and a closed lobby as long as we are trying to practice the social distancing," Koger said.

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