New developments on vacant lots for dog park

The Village of Arlington could have additional land for a dog park.

"We have had some new developments in the last week as far as properties that will be available down there," Village Chairman Paul Krause said. "We are trying to include the last property on Second Street into the flood buyout by FEMA/NEMA so we are in a hold on there in what we are going to have for properties.”

Krause said he didn’t know how long it would take to go through the process to get them demolished.

“I was advised it would move quicker this time,” he said. “We do have some fencing estimates we can use when we get to the budget meetings and we can start trying to put in a number for fencing.”

No one was present at the meeting to discuss the dog park.

Chickens discussed, will appear on next agenda

The board discussed the possibility of allowing residents to have chickens within the village.

Amanda Le Roux asked the board to consider the issue, however, she wasn’t able to attend the meeting, but some discussion took place.

Suzanne Kopsa spoke to the board.

"I recently moved to Arlington from Omaha and looked into getting chickens and learned they were not allowed," she said. "I wondered if there was any exceptions. All of my neighbors were OK with it if I had them."

Krause said he thinks the board should look at model ordinances and gather more input.

“I like the idea of no roosters,” he said. “I got several favorable comments of having chickens. We got this late in our monthly process so there was not a lot of time to research.”

Board member Travis Kraemer recommended another month of comments.

“It's quite different than our other animal ordinances and I think we should think about it carefully,” he said. “We need to make sure there's plenty of comments so we don’t hear the month after how many people were upset with it or not.”

Krause said with the abundance of private pools going up the village is looking to see if it may need to change the ordinance rules.

"The only ordinance we have is that we have a fence around it and that must comply with the corner lot rules," he said.

The board had sample ordinances to consider. They discussed defining the size of the pool and how the fence should be secured, by locking or latching.

Village Clerk Niki Herre said one of the reasons they talked about it was for enforcement sake.

"I would like to see us read through these and see what we feel is important to include in our ordinances," Krause said. "We can come back to a discussion of it next month and hopefully be ready at that point to send it to our lawyer to write something up."

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