Clerk applications being reviewed 

Village Board Chairman Paul Krause said the board has seen five online applications and three others have been received in the mail at the time of the meeting. He suggested calling a special meeting for the entire board to interview the candidates a week after the board retreat.

“I don’t see a need for a special meeting until the number of candidates are narrowed down to the finalists,” board member Mark Sundberg said.

The special meeting with the narrowed list of candidates will be scheduled. 

Board to purchase AED for the pool

While there is an AED available at the auditorium, the board considered and agreed to purchase an additional AED to be used at the pool when it is open.

“It seems like it would be better if we can have one at each place,” Krause said. 

Streets and Parks Commissioner Jon Rosenthal said the AED will be stored in the shop or somewhere else during the winter season so the batteries won’t freeze.

Board member Travis Kraemer suggested buying one for the village if there might be a deal for dual purchases. Rosenthal said he would look into the purchase.

The board approved the purchase of an AED for the pool not to exceed $1,700.

Auditorium kitchen is ready for rental

The renovation of the kitchen in the auditorium was completed.

"We want to maybe discuss getting a warmer and secondary table but there's no rush. It is a functional kitchen at this point," Kraemer said. 

Board approves use of computer software

Kraemer received training on BeeHive Industries program.

“We learned how we can utilize it,” he said. “We asked about the mobile version for our phones and found it was free. It looks like it's worked well, and we should utilize it.”

Kraemer told the board it is possible to create work tickets for any project and open work for something down the road, such as manhole placements.

“I think we were pretty excited to have the program,” Krause said. The board approved payment to BeeHive in the amount $6,000 to be split between streets, water and sewer for license renewal.  

Participation in the multi-hazard mitigation plan

The board approved a resolution for participation in the Papio-Missouri Natural Resource District hazard mitigation plan, which is a multi-jurisdictional multi-hazard mitigation plan. It involves Washington, Burt, Dakota, Douglas, Sarpy and Thurston counties in the plans.

The plan is a FEMA requirement for jurisdictions to be eligible for grant funding options.

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