Wage increases approved for fall

The board approved wage and salary increases for classified staff members. The majority of the staff will receive a 2 percent increase for the 2020-21 school year. In the past, some received a 3 to 8 percent increase.

"Times are a little different right now. We are not exactly sure what's going to happen with our budget or what's going to happen with finances as far as this piece of the operating budget," APS Supt. Dawn Lewis said. "I'm uncomfortable recommending a large increase, but I think a blanket increase is better than one person receiving one thing and another receiving something else. For the majority I'm recommending a 2 percent increase."

Lewis also recommended a $3 increase for bus routes.

FBLA National Conference to be held virtually

Arlington High School Principal Aaron Pfingsten told the board that the FBLA National Conference will be held virtually this year.

“These are the students that would be coming to you and saying they appreciate your support,” he said.

Music teacher to assist with larger class sizes

Carolyn Janke will be assisting with elementary music classes in the next school year. Lewis told the board Janke will fill in the gaps with the large class sizes.

Lewis named president-elect of NRCSA

Lewis has been named president-elect for the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association.

“I am looking forward to that role and legislation when it comes to that,” she said.

Summer projects underway in the school

While the school has less people inside, Lewis said they have started the process of deep cleaning classrooms.

“We got new partitions installed in the restrooms off the Blue Gym,” she said. “It spruces it up tremendously.”

Lewis told the board teachers are being moved to new locations and needed.

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