Virtual Field Day

Arlington Elementary sixth-grader Tate Johannes participates in the clothes relay during the virtual field day on Friday.

Remember the days of running on the track, competing in high jump or shot put?

This year's field day at Arlington Elementary went virtual and nearly 110 students participated.

Virtual Field Day

Arlington Elementary kindergartener Holden Scheer participates in the tennis shoe tower event during the virtual field day on Friday.

The Open National Field Day website provided 21 different events for students to participate in from their home.

"I hope they found creative ways to get moving," sixth grade teacher Jake Eckhardt said. "Hopefully, they interacted with their friends."

Students who participated in five or more events received a certificate.

"The favorite event was 'Keep It Up,' in which the kids had to keep a balloon or other ball in the air for one minute," Eckhardt said. "In a close second was 'Backboard Bank It,' in which kids had to bounce a sock back off the wall and make it in the basket, to see how many points they could score in one  minute." 

Students filled out a form with the activities they completed and sent videos and pictures. Even the teachers tried the events.

One event was the "Wash Your Hands Relay" and Eckhardt said he thought another event would appeal to parents, as it had students trying to see who could fold clothes the fastest.

"Normally, we have it as a track day," Eckhardt said. "This isn't the same, but we still had different events for them to do."

Field day could be done with objects found around the house, including large socks, a laundry basket, medium to large plastic bowls, plastic cups, a coin, paper plates and other times.

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