2018 WIC Volleyball Tournament, First Round

#2 Cardinals knock off #7 Lady Reds

#7 Missouri Valley stayed close, but came up short in a three-set loss to #2 Treynor in the first round of the Western Iowa Conference Tournament on Monday in Treynor.

“We had our chances, as our intensity, effort and communication has been getting better,” stated first year Head Coach Josie Esser.  “I’m pleased with the way we competed, especially in a tough environment.  It will really help prepare us for next week.”

Megan Winchester finished with four kills, three digs and one block for the Lady Reds. Carter Crispin and Brianna Ladd each finished with nine digs, while Jordyn Gilpin added eight.

“We’ve been working on the basic fundamentals here this past week, strengthening them during the consolation final round on Thursday night,” Esser concluded. “Logan played a super game against us the first time, and I’m sure we’ll see that again on Tuesday. We have to settle into the tough environment, focus on what we do well, and play our game. It’s tournament time, and anything can happen.”

Treynor won the WIC Tournament on Thursday evening in Logan. 

Up Next: Missouri Valley (2-6 WIC, 16-15) will begin Class 2A Regional Volleyball Tournament play on Tuesday, Oct. 16 in Missouri Valley when they host Logan-Magnolia.

WIC VB Trny: Oct. 8 @ Treynor

#7 Missouri Valley 18, 17, 17  #2 Treynor 25, 25, 25

Serving: Haley Andersen 8-9 (1 ace); Patricia Bostwick 8-8 (1); Carter Crispin 4-6 (1); Jordyn Gilpin 7-7 (1); Brianna Ladd 15-15 (2); Carlie Winchester 2-2; Megan Winchester 1-5. Set Assists: Lauren Austin 1; Bostwick 1; Gilpin 1; Ladd 13. Attack, Kills: Andersen 13-16 (3 kills); Bostwick 11-14 (1); Crispin 22-24 (5); Gilpin 2-2; Ladd 5-8 (2); Madison Lease 2-2; C. Winchester 7-11 (1); M. Winchester 10-11 (4). Digs: Andersen 1; Austin 4; Bostwick 2; Crispin 9; Gilpin 8; Ladd 9; Lease 4; C. Winchester 2; M. Winchester 3. Blocks: Crispin 1; C. Winchester 1; M. Winchester 1. Lady Reds Record: (2-6 WIC), 16-15.


#3 Eagles hold off #6 Panthers

#6 Logan-Magnolia won two of the first three matches, but could not hold on in a 3-2 loss to #3 Underwood in the first round of the Western Iowa Conference Tournament on Monday night in Underwood.

“We did a lot of great things on Monday, but the inconsistencies kept popping up at the wrong time, and that’s what cost us,” stated Panthers Coach Faith Bruck. “I’m proud of their effort, as these girls have a tremendous amount of talent, but we have to stay mentally focused at all times. We can’t afford to let up.”

The Panthers were paced by Kylie Morrison who finished with nine kills, 20 digs, and one block. Cara Ohl slammed a team-high 14 kills and added 13 digs, while Alexis Christians pounded six kills, four digs, and three blocks. Jaice Johnsen added five ace serves and 16 digs, while Ruby Nolting drilled eight kills.

Underwood took third place in the WIC Tournament on Thursday night in Logan. 

Up Next: Logan-Magnolia (3-5 WIC, 10-14) will open the Class 2A Regional Volleyball Tournament opener on Tuesday, Oct. 16 in Missouri Valley.

WIC VB Trny: Oct. 8 @ Underwood

#6 Logan-Magnolia 22, 25, 25, 16, 15  #3 Underwood 25, 21, 22, 25, 17

Serving: Ashley Christians 26-27 (5 aces); Ashlyn Doiel 18-19  (1); Jaice Johnsen 22-23 (5); Emme Lake 6-8; Kylie Morrison 9-9 (1); Courtney Ohl 15-18 (3); Reanna Rife 6-7. Set Assists: Doiel 27; Johnsen 1; Lake 14; Ohl 1; R. Rife 1. Attacks, Kills: Kaelin Armstrong 2-2 (1 kill); Alexis Christians 18-19 (6); Ash. Christians 1-1; Doiel 6-8 (1); Johnsen 19-22 (3); Lake 3-3 (3); Morrison 22-27 (9); Ruby Nolting 17-20 (8); Ohl 36-43 (14 kills); Emilie Thompson 2-2. Digs: Armstrong 2; Alex. Christians 4; Ash. Christians 9; Doiel 4; Johnsen 16; Morrison 20; Nolting 1; Ohl 13; Rife 1; Thompson 5. Blocks: Armstrong 1; Alex. Christians 3; Doiel 1; Morrison 1; Nolting 2; Ohl 1. Panthers Record: (3-5 WIC), 10-14.

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