Friday Night Lights Match-Ups – Week 8

Submitted by the high school coaches

Game: Missouri Valley @ East Sac County

Last Week: Treynor def. Missouri Valley, 36-6; Underwood def. East Sac County, 20-0

MV Coach Rick Barker Soundbites: Missouri Valley put up over 300 yards of offense against the districts’ top defensive team (Treynor) last week, coming away with just six points. They have been harnessing that frustration, looking to finish drives this week.

About the Raiders: East Sac County is built similar to the Big Reds. They look to establish the run game first, and once the defense starts focusing on the running backs, the dual threat quarterback will mix in some play-action passes.

Keys to the Game: This game is a lineman’s dream, as both teams will look to establish the line of scrimmage and get the powerful backs into the open field. Defensively, the linebackers have to make plays in the open field, not allowing the running backs to get into space.

Game: West Monona @ Logan-Magnolia

Last Week: Woodbury Central def. Logan-Magnolia, 27-0; Westwood def. West Monona 21-0  

Lo-Ma Coach Matt Straight Soundbites: It has been a rough couple weeks for the Panthers with back to back road losses to Lawton-Bronson and Woodbury Central. Lo-Ma is expecting a big effort this week, with this being the final home game of the season.

About the Spartans: West Monona looks to get the ball into the open field with their quick-passing game to the outside, and once the linebackers start cheating, they will unleash a running play just to keep the defense honest. 

Keys to the Game: Logan-Magnolia’s offense needs to step up this week, finishing their long drives with touchdowns. They need to eliminate the self-inflicted mistakes and play a clean game.  Defensively, the Panthers have to make stops in the open field, and cause some turnovers. This game is huge, as both teams will be in search of their first district win.

Game: West Harrison @ Woodbine

Last Week: Audubon def. West Harrison, 55-14; Exira/EHK def. Woodbine, 28-12.  

WH Coach Andrew Stevenson Soundbites: West Harrison has two weeks remaining this season, and the Hawkeyes’ coaching staff is still in search of the complete game. They have played well in phases this season, but will be looking for a four quarter effort this week.

About the Tigers: Woodbine has suffered some mid-season injuries, which have caused their recent two-game slide.  But the Hawkeyes still expect Woodbine to unleash the spread, pass-happy attack they are known for.  The Hawkeyes’ defensive backfield will have to be up to the challenge.

Keys to the Game: The Hawkeyes’ defense will have to stop the Tigers big-play ability, as Woodbine will continue to throw the ball.  Offensively, the Hawkeyes must find a way to control the ball, move the chains, and finish drives.  If they eliminate the self-inflicted mistakes, they will give themselves a chance.

Game: West Harrison @ Woodbine

Last Week: Exira/EHK def. Woodbine, 28-12; Audubon def. West Harrison, 55-14.  

Woodbine Coach Dustin Crook Soundbites: The Tigers are looking forward to finishing the final two games of the regular season on their home turf against a pair of local rivals. There shouldn’t be a lack of focus as the season draws to a close. Woodbine’s focus this week has been getting back to basics, making the fundamental plays, especially on defense.

About the Hawkeyes: West Harrison has a gifted running attack, and their quarterback and running attack can create problems once they get into the open field. Defensively, the Tigers have to find ways to finish plays in the open field, most notably on special teams.

Keys to the Game: West Harrison has a big, physical line and the Tigers need to win the battle up front.  Woodbine’s offensive line has to find a way to protect their backfield, and give their backs time to operate. Woodbine will look to get their shifty wide receivers into some open space.  

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