Parade Results:

Church Float: Little Sioux Church of Christ.

Floats: Loess Hills Lancers 4-H Float.

Most Original: Mason Shearer, 1949 F-1 Ford.

Walking: Flint Family, Little Sioux.

Bikes: Fred Little, River Sioux.

Adult Horses: 1st) Jared Cohrs, Moorhead; 2nd) Nikki Frisk, Moorhead.

Child Horses: 1st) Braytlynn Frisk, Moorhead.

Antique Tractors: 1st) Eli and Merrit Sigler, Little Sioux; 2nd) Richard Harper, Logan.

Restored Tractors: 1st) Don Witte, Logan; 2nd) Mike Stolz, Mondamin.

Antique Cars: 1st) Gary Smith, Mondamin; 2nd) Bud Wilson, Mondamin.

Restored: 1st) Scott and Kim Thomas, Logan; 2nd) Pat Perry, Mondamin.

Pedal Tractor Pull Results: 

3-5 years old: 1st) Peyton Meyers, Kimballton; 2nd) Easton Burgess, Blencoe; 3rd) Grayson Carritt, Little Sioux.

6-8 years old: 1st) Lakota Flint, Little Sioux; 2nd) Riley Thacker, Logan; 3rd) Lexie Flint, Little Sioux.

9-12 years old: 1st) Jaysa Lawrenson, Pisgah; 2nd) Blake Lawrenson, Pisgah; 3rd) Landon Carritt, Little Sioux.

13-15 years old: 1st) Braiden Solberg, Moorhead; 2nd) Grace Thomas, Little Sioux; 3rd) Austin McDonald, Omaha, Neb.

Adult: 1st) Steve Forbes, Little Sioux; 2nd) David Meyers, Kimballton; 3rd) Tylor Forbes, Little Sioux.

Horseshoes Tournament: 1st) Deb Kephart, Shane Lewis; 2nd) John Kephart, Gavin Armstrong.

Car Show: 

Best of Show: Steve Jenkins, Missouri Valley, Chevy Nova.

Most Likely to get a ticket: Larry Rife, Mondamin, Cobra.

Judge’s Choice: Gary Smith, Mondamin, Mustang.

People’s Choice: Kim Thomas, Logan, T-Bucket.

85 and Under Unrestored: 1st) Dale Bean, Onawa, Mach 1; 2nd) Tom Stessman, Harlan, Camero; 3rd) Dave Anderson, Blencoe, 57 Chevy.

Overall Winners: 1st) Ed Osius, Blencoe, 66 GTO; 2nd) Pat Perry, Mondamin, Chevy SS; 3rd) Renee King, Mondamin, GTO.

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