Letter to the Editor

Against the Lo-Ma bond issue

A fast and foolish way of jeopardizing the school’s financial stability is to float bonds for millions of taxpayer dollars for an unnecessary buildings, and why would anyone want to saddle their children or grandchildren with $5 million of debt?

Our real estate taxes are going up in 2020 with or without the bond. If this passes, the taxes will go up even more. The assessor, at this time, does not know when they would go on the tax roll 2020 or 2021.

The school board and superintendent have cost the district for the bond on June 27, 2017, $2,088.40 and for the bond on April 2, 2019, $2,099.

Per the auditor, the March satellite voting done in 2019 was paid for by one of the followers and was not charged to the school. This is a waste, but cheaper than not voting “No” and being stuck paying for a $5 million gym.

Kay J. Lamberson, Logan

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