Letter to the Editor

Opposed to Logan-Magnolia bond issue

"Enough of the Shenanigans!" Once again the Logan-Magnolia administration and school board have deaf ears on what the Logan-Magnolia School District taxpayers do not want unnecessary spending. Again, they are proposing a $5.5 million school bond. Classroom improvements have never been the issue in the community.

What is the issue, like the first and second and now third time, is wasteful spending. With declining enrollment it is not necessary to build a steel-reinforced monolithic concrete super dome in Logan. All these years, the school has been fine with providing safety for students in inclement weather.

Smart spending is what is needed for taxpayers. Superintendent Ridder is quoted as saying they increased communication with voters before trying it again a second time on April 2, 2019, with a special election.

Let's be truthful, Mr. Ridder, you refused to have open meetings with the public on the second school bond because the numbers were not adding up. Now again, you and the school board are refusing to have open public meetings on this important bond. Only an open house at the school for only two hours where the rest of the public can't hear opposition to this bond.

You and the school board may be hoping for "voter fatigue" the third time, but this taxpayer will continue to spread the facts. It would be wise to man-up and sit down with your opposition and discuss matters. Be fair to all taxpayers in your district.

Don Blackford, Logan

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