Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, and Iowa Department of Natural Resources Director Kayla Lyon recognized 53 Iowa farm families, including two from Harrison County, for their environmental stewardship during a ceremony at the 2019 Iowa State Fair. The award acknowledges farmers who take voluntary actions to improve or protect the environment and our state’s natural resources.

Receiving recognition from Harrison County were Lee and Arthur Wisecup of Missouri Valley and Dennis and Barb Oliver of Logan.

“Our farmers feed and fuel the world — a role that comes with great pride, but also a responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations,” said Gov. Reynolds. “I was proud to participate in this ceremony at the Iowa State Fair recognizing farm families for their steadfast stewardship of Iowa’s land, water, and natural resources.”

“Preserving soil health and improving water quality is a top priority for all Iowans, and I want to thank these individuals for leading the way,” said Secretary Naig. “They are taking action by applying proven conservation practices to their own farms, which helps preserve our natural resources for future generations.”

“It’s an honor to be able to recognize these farmers for their outstanding efforts that are undoubtedly making a positive impact on our environment,” said Director Lyon. “Their conservation practices are leading the change and setting an example for future generations and other farmers, and we are proud of them for that.”  

These farm families use scientifically-proven practices, like cover crops, wetlands, bioreactors, and saturated buffers that support the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. They recognize the benefits of conservation practices extend beyond their fields to the residents downstream.

The award was sponsored by Bayer CropScience. The winners were chosen by a committee representing both conservation and agricultural groups.

Since the creation of the Farm Environmental Leader Award in 2012, more than 500 Iowa farm families have been recognized by the Governor, Department of Agriculture and Department of Natural Resources.

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