Though it may be hard to see, this Missouri Valley backyard is the site of a large sinkhole. Mayor Shawn Kelly reported the sinkhole to City Council at the June 4 meeting and stated that Streets Superintendent Bob Reisland was asked to determine what steps were to be taken to remedy the damage believed to be caused by a broken storm runoff tube.

A sinkhole is threatening a Missouri Valley property on the north edge of town near the water tower.

Mayor Shawn Kelly reported to the Missouri Valley City Council at the June 4 meeting that a sinkhole has developed in a Grove Street backyard.

“It looks like the storm drain coming off the road, it is probably 100 years old, and the clay pipe is broken,” Kelly said. “The hole is probably 100x50x50, and every time it rains, there is an eight inch tube completely full of water blowing in and blowing the dirt out.”

Streets Superintendent Bob Reisland was expected to go to the residence the following day and develop a plan to mitigate the damage and protect the property from further erosion, according to Kelly.

“It is not going to be an easy fix,” he added. “The back yard of their house, 15 feet maybe, is cracking and starting to slough off into the hole behind their house. I don’t know what it is going to take to fix it, but it is going to be a significant amount of dirt and fill to fix it.”

The Missouri Valley Times-News reached out to the homeowners for thoughts and comments, but has not heard back from them as of press time.

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