Mayor Karen Breyfogle called the special meeting to order at 7:35 P.M. and led those present in the Pledge to the Flag.  Roll call was taken.  Council members in attendance:  Maggie Rains, Brian Rife, Dan Rife and Cheryl Tamisea.  Absent: Chad Wilson.  City Clerk, Cherie Wallace was also present.  No visitors are in attendance. Motion to approve Agenda by Brian Rife; seconded by Cheryl Tamisea. Motion carried.

On Tuesday, September 10th, Mayor Breyfogle, Council member Maggie Rains and City Clerk Cherie Wallace traveled to Hornick, IA for a demonstration of ClerkBooks Utility Billing Software by Stacy, Hornick’s City Clerk.  Mayor Breyfogle reports that the software is set up to coincide with the Iowa budget reports as well as the Annual Reports. The software should make the utility billing quicker and provide better reporting.   Discussion continues to include the Data Link Cable, meter usage downloading equipment and the benefits of this device.  The cost of both items are discussed and when the software could be installed.  Tenatve software installation scheduled for October 21 -24, 2013.  Brian motions to approve the purchase of the ClerkBooks Utility Billing Software,  at the quoted cost, and the IPERL Data Link Cable also at the quoted cost.  Maggie seconds the motion.  Motion carried unamiously.  

The last item on tonights agenda is the purchase of a laser printer which would replace the worn out Epson LQ-570e currently used for printing utility bills and reports.  Wallace presents the council with 4 options and after discussion of the printers features, initial equipment cost and toner costs it is determined that the Brother 8110DN Laser All-in-One Copier, Printer and Scanner will meet the cities needs while eliminating some devices currently  in use.  Brian motions to approve the purchase of the Brother 8110 DN Laser All-in-One, Cheryl seconds the motion.  Council unamiously approves this motion.

Tamisea motions to adjourn and B. Rife seconds the motion.  The council unamiously agrees to adjourn at 7:46 PM.

Attest:  Cherie Wallace

City Clerk/Treasurer

MVTN 10-2-13

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