After several discussions about parking on the City of Missouri Valley right-of-way, the city council put an end to the issue at their Nov. 5 regular meeting.

Despite a current ordinance prohibiting parking on the right-of-way, the practice was tolerated for many years.

That has changed due to repeated complaints. Missouri Valley Police Department has issued warnings, and eventually citations, to drivers who park on the boulevard.

Longtime resident Rob Lange approached the city council in September seeking an exemption. He claimed that he had nowhere else to park because he allowed his handicapped tenant to use the shared driveway.

City council members each viewed his property, determined that he had other parking options, and encouraged him to find a solution.

Lange owns two side-by-side properties with a shared driveway, and each property has sufficient space for parking in the rear, though there is currently fencing in that space.

“Again, I am just going to say that if we begin allowing parking in the right-of-way, it goes against what we are trying to put into place with our rental housing agreement and beautification of this city,” council member Rachelle Pfouts said. “I am tired of talking about it.”

City council members agreed, urging Lange to find a lawful solution using his personal property.

After several additions to the new hiring policy, the city council approved the policy unanimously, though council member Patty Stueve requested another addition.

“There is one thing that needs to be changed,” Steuve said. “Is this the one where I would put in there that family members can be hired?”

Flaherty advised her that the requested change would be more appropriate for the personnel policy.

The city council ultimately approved the hiring policy as shown, described, in short, as follows:

“With regards for all federal and state laws including the Iowa Veterans Preference Law, the City will advertise vacancies at three legal posting locations in the city as well as on the City website.

“Advertisements will also be placed in the local newspaper when timing allows.

The Mayor will establish a hiring committee to which the position’s supervisor and City Clerk will provide budget information for the position, comparable wages from area communities or businesses, historical salary information about current or former employees, legal requirements about the hiring process, certification information and more.

“Once the hiring deadline is reached staff will compile a list of all eligible candidates, which will be forwarded to the hiring committee along with applications.

“The hiring committee will conduct interviews, keep council updated on progress, determine winning candidates, draft conditional offers and make hiring recommendations to council.

“New hires will be expected to attend the first City Council meeting following their employment to formally meet Council and answer any questions Council may have.”

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