The Missouri Valley Community School District will return one of the two leased buses remaining in its fleet this summer and purchase the other one for a cost of $52,000. The district is keeping the better of the two units.

“It only has 25,000 miles on it, and we just had new brakes put on it,” Superintendent Brent Hoesing said during the June 8 school board meeting.

With this, the district will own its entire fleet of 10 buses and allow the district to move forward next year equipping the fleet with seat belts.

Board member Bridget Myler asked how the district will manage the fleet so that as buses age, they are not stuck with several that must be replaced at one time.

Transportation Director Dave Hodges said that all of the buses are 2017 or 2018 units, and none have more than 80,000 miles on them.

The district will begin a rotation schedule based on the age of the bus, mileage, and maintenance costs.

“Your maintenance costs and how your fleet is running really drives that,” he said. “We hope this gives us some breathing room for the next 24 months.”

Hodges keeps a file on each bus, and Hoesing has been building a fund for the last two years for transportation purchases.

In addition to the bus purchase, the board approved the purchase of a new elementary math curriculum at more than $35,000. Curriculum is usually switched every five years, according to Hoesing.

“The math curriculum is up and (teachers) had to supplement it so much about two years in that they started to research the next math curriculum,” he said “(This curriculum) is recommended by the AEA.”

He added that if the board does not approve this purchase, educators would have to continue using the current curriculum, which they find ineffective.

The board also considered and ultimately approved the purchase of a preschool classroom kit for a third pre-K classroom, although the district has not yet found a teacher for that class.

The Lakeshore Learning kit includes all of the furniture, toys, and instructional material, according to Hoesing. The purchase price of just more than $17,000 includes set up of the entire classroom.

Hoesing said that it saves the district money in the long run because they receive a bulk-buying discount and don’t have to pay wages for staff to set the classroom up. The district has purchased the same kit previously.

“We will move forward in purchasing this so that way the classroom is set up,” Hoesing said. “There is a possibility with us having 66 preschoolers right now that are (in) daily Wrap Around. If our alternate Wrap Around setting, our Little Reds room, exceeds 20, we will have to spill into another room.”

If that occurs, the district will have to have a room ready for that possibility.

Additionally, the board approved the John Baylor Online Services Agreement with Green Hills Area Education Agency for a cost of $2,800.

“This is the curriculum we use as our ACT prep class,” Hoesing explained. “This will be different because in the past we offered this as an optional course. This year it will still be optional, but kids can take it for credit.”

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