Minutes Of a Regular Board Meeting Of the Board of Directors Of the Schleswig Community School District August 6, 2019

Call to Order: President Gurney called the regular meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Members Present: Wade Gurney, Jason Schneider, Jerrod Reimer, Lisa Westphalen (arr. 5:45 p.m.)

Absent: Cindy March

Administration: Mike Pardun, Superintendent; David Galvin, Principal, Scott Larson, Business Manger

Board Secretary: Julia Mogensen

Others Present: Andrea Gurney

Guests & Correspondence: None

Consent Items

A motion was made by Jason Schneider, Second by Jerrod Reimer, to approve the consent items (agenda, minutes, bills, and financial reports). Unanimous approval.

Personnel Report

a) Resignations- None

b) Appointments-None

SEA Report-No Report

Schleswig Pride Presentation-None

Superintendent Report

a) First Reading of Board Policy 203 Board Directors’ Conflict of Interest, 206.2 Vice President, 307 Communication Channels, 501.5 Attendance Center Assignment, and 603.1 Basic Instruction Program-Reimer moved to approve the first reading of board policies 203, 206.2, 307, 501.5, and 603.1. Second by Schneider. Ayes: Reimer, Gurney, Schneider, Absent: Westphalen and March. Nays: 0. Carried.

b) Update on Summer Projects-Superintendent Pardun reported on the progress of the roof projects, window replacements, door replacements, and other repairs. Transportation updates included the sale of a school vehicle and needed repairs to a bus.

c) Approval of Level I and Level II Investigators 2019-2020-Schneider moved to approve David Galvin as the Level I Investigator, Jenn Bower as the alternate Level I Investigator, and the Crawford County Sherriff’s Office as the Level II Investigator for Schleswig Community School. Second by Reimer. Ayes: Schneider, Reimer, Westphalen, and Gurney. Absent: March. Nays: 0. Carried.

d) Second Reading of Board Policy 905.1R1 Community Use of School-Westphalen moved to approve the Second Reading of Board Policy 905.1R1, Community Use of School. Second by Schneider. Ayes: Reimer, Westphalen (arr. 5:45 p.m.), Gurney, Schneider. Absent: March. Nays: 0. Carried.

e) Discussion on Schleswig 2019-2020 Priorities-Superintendent Pardun and the board discussed district priorities for the 2019-2020 school year. Priorities include continued focus on consistent communication, ensuring student learning using various tools and strategies, increase 21st Century learning opportunities, and school safety and security. Westphalen moved to approve the Schleswig 2019-2020 Priorities. Second by Schneider. Ayes: Gurney, Westphalen, Schneider, Reimer. Absent: March. Nays: 0. Carried.

f) Administrator Update-Superintendent Pardun reported that the district’s 2018-2019 financial audit is underway. Mr. Galvin told the board that online registration is now open, in-person registration will be August 15 and 19 from 8 am until 7 pm, and open house will be August 21 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. School board elections are November 5, 2019.

g) The next Regular Board Meeting will be held Monday, September 9, 2019, at 5:30 p.m.

Adjournment-There being no further business to come before the Board for consideration at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 6:05 p.m.

Wade Gurney, President

Julia Mogensen, Board Secretary

Approval of August 6, 2019, Minutes



Schleswig Community School

2019 August Board BiLls

Vendor Name, Invoice Description........Amount

General Fund

Atlantic Csd, Final Fy19 Spec Ed Tuition....1087.51

Bomgaars, Transportation Supplies....17.86

Card Services, Supplies Bldg/Grnds....2,517.08

Carson-Dellosa Publishing Llc, Elem Instructional Supplies....17.47

Cenex Fleet Fueling, Fuel....219.87

Century Business Products, Lamination Film....82.00

Charter-Oak Csd, Final Fy19 Spec Ed Tuition....3,121.20

Delta Education Inc., Elem Instructional Supplies....125.68

Demco, Library Spplies....188.71

Denison Csd, Final Fy19 Spec Ed Tuition....36,196.45

Denison Do It Best, Supplies Bldg/Grnds....147.93

Des Moines Ind. Csd, Final Fy19 Spec Ed Tuition....631.73

Echo Group, Bldg Supplies....102.40

Eric Amin Inc., Ms Instructional Supplies....65.80

Estherville Lincoln Central Csd, Final Fy19 Spec Ed Tuition....1,502.75

Everlast Climbing Industries, Ms Instructional Supplies....190.92

Feld Equipment Company, E.M., Extinguisher Inspection....60.00

Great Lakes Sports, Elem Instructional Supplies....302.33

Home Depot Pro, Cleaning Supplies....327.70

Iowa Comm Network, Internet Service....211.50

Iowa Schools Employee Benefits, 2019 July Ins Correction....102.22

J.W. Pepper & Sons, Inc., Elem Music Supplies....1,277.64

Lakeshore Learning Materials, Guidance Supplies....923.52

Learning Resources, Inc., 19-20 Supplies....339.84

Library Store, Inc., The, Library Supplies....150.13

Mvao Csd, Final Fy19 Spec Ed Tuition....29,210.63

Mapleton Press, Publication....116.99

Midamerican Energy, Electric....2,435.08

Music In Motion, Elem Music Supplies....23.75

Nasp, Inc., Ms Instructional Supplies....165.00

New To You, Bldg Supplies....75.00

Oabcig Csd, Final Fy19 Spec Ed & College Course....22,999.87

Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Ms Play....197.50

Pioneer Valley Education Press, Elem Instructional Supplies....759.00

Really Good Stuff, Llc, Guidance Supplies....350.76

Richard Vondrak, Bldg Maintenance....3,113.74

Rogers Pest Control Llc, Pest Control....75.00

Schleswig Chiropractic Clinic, Preul Physical....75.00

Schleswig, City Of, Water/Sewer/Landfill....514.40

School Specialty, Inc., Ms Instructional Supplies....988.47

Sherwin Williams Co., The, Supplies Bldg/Grnds....88.38

Staples, Supplies....2,749.42

Teaching Strategies, Preschool Assesment....167.20

Timberline Billing Service Llc, June Medicaid Filing Services....77.58

West Monona Csd, Final Fy19 Spec Ed Tuition....11,135.31

Western Iowa Tech, New Driver Online-Chandler....100.00

Wilson Language Trining Corp, Elem Instructional Supplies....928.03

Windstream, Telephone Service....321.74

Wisc-Education, 19-20 Messaging Svc....280.88


Management Fund

Hoffman Agency, Property Insurance....71.00


Save Fund

Feh Associates, Architectural Services....1,505.00

Mp Construction, Concrete In Parking Lot....22,019.25



Mamba Gaga, Llc, Ball Pit....4,530.00



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