Charter Oak City Council met in regular session on Monday, June 3, 2019.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m., Mayor Hageman presiding.

Council members in attendance: Neumann, Steffen, Heyne.

Absent: Staley, Wilcox.

Others in attendance: Buddy Huntley, Joe Rueschenberg, Teddy Butler, Craig Schueller.

Moved and carried to approve the agenda. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the May 6, 2019, published minutes and the financial report. All Ayes. M.C.

Discussed options for Aspen Avenue speed problem. Moved and carried to discuss problem with Crawford County Engineer. All Ayes. M.C.

Fire Chief Report: 1Traffic Accident, 3 EMS C.O. calls, 2Ricketts EMS calls.

Two police officer applications were received. Moved and carried to hire Francisco Cruz. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the Periodic Cost Estimate #2 for Knife River LLC for $84,807.38. All Ayes. M.C.

Received bids from 4 contractors for several different options for Pine Street North and the 5th Street Extension. Moved and carried to accept the bid from Sta-bilt Construction for $11,372.73 for a single seal coat. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the building permits and waive the 30 day waiting period for Amy Goslar, 21 Birch Avenue privacy fence; Nathan Mohr, 662 1st Street front landing; Craig Schueller, 566 3rd Street rear patio slab 42’x17’ and 8’ retaining wall on south side. All Ayes. M.C.

Pool opened on Wednesday, June 5 for the season. Moved and carried to give a 2019 family pool pass to David Bruhn for once again painting the pool.

Motion by Neumann to approve Resolution 06-03-2019, RESOLUTION TRANSFERRING FUNDS FISCAL YEAR 2018/2019 BUDGET, seconded by Heyne. All Ayes. M.C.

The next regular scheduled meeting will be Monday, July 1, 2019 at 7:00p.m.

Moved and carried to approve the following bills:

Payroll: ...7,181.36

Psychology Associates, MMPI... 50.00

United Bank of Iowa, 941 Tax...2,175.44

IPERS, Benefits... 1,400.01

IA Department of Appeals, Gambling License ...15.00

Bohlmann, Garbage ...2,408.70

West Central Iowa Rural Water, Bond, Interest,... 582.50

UBI, Principal & Interest Fire Truck...46,986.24

Mid-American, Electricity ...2,026.98

Frontier, Telephone ...316.39

Bank Iowa, Pool Petty Cash ...65.00

Cardmember, Pool Concessions & Supplies... 804.10

Louie’s Quik Stop, Fuel ...216.67

Feld Fire, Supplies... 1,020.80

Mapleton Press, Publications... 214.90

Sam’s Club MC/SYNCB, Supplies...354.29

Sundquist, Engineering ...4,749.50

Denison Do It Best, Park Supplies ...125.89

Bohlmann & Sons, 2019 Clean Up ...1,504.00

Old Dominion, Street Sweeper Repairs... 85.00

Bomgaars, Supplies... 111.34

Ampride, Fuel ...308.54

Hawkins, Water & Pool Chemicals... 5,039.26

Environmental Health, Pool License... 270.00

Buddy Huntley, Water License... 120.00

Custom Motorcycle, Supplies ...70.33

Lori Houston, Library Supplies... 75.98

Walmart, Library Supplies... 26.18

Office Stop, Supplies ...172.52

Gov Office, Web Site ...55.00

Knife River, Street Construction ...84,807.38.

All Ayes. M.C.

Fund Totals:

General ...103,276.83

Special Revenues ...1,774.90

Proprietary ...11,301.31

Debt Service ...46,986.24.

Total... 163,339.28.

All Ayes. M.C.

The following receipts for May:

Bonita Jepsen, Building Permit... 10.00

Earl Nelson, Building Permit ...10.00

C.O. Commercial Club, 2018 and 2019 Gambling Licenses ...30.00

Jesse Carter, Building Permit ...10.00

Arielle Pedersen, Shelter House ...75.00

Lucia Lincoln, Fire Department Donation ...50.00

Cori Gossage, Shelter House... 75.00

Clerk of Court, Fine ...5.00

UBI, Library Memorial... 20.00

Keltek Inc, Police Return ...160.28

Lori Weed, Shelter House ...75.00

Crawford County Treasurer, Property Tax ...12,404.98

Treasurer State of Iowa, Local Option ...3,602.53

Treasurer State of Iowa, Road Use Tax ...6,051.97

UBI, Interest ...817.43

Utility Deposit Water/Tax/Penalty... 8,390.56

Sewer/Tax ...3,533.22

Landfill/Tax ...733.83

Garbage-Tom ...2,408.70

Garbage-City... 412.30.

Moved and carried to adjourn at 9:20p.m. All Ayes. M.C.

Robert Hageman, Mayor ...

Pamela S. Tripp, City Clerk

These are a condensed version of the proceedings of the regular meeting of the Charter Oak City Council. Copies of the complete version may be obtained at the Clerk’s office during normal office hours.


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