Charter Oak City Council met in regular session on Monday, February 3, 2020.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., Mayor Carter presiding.

Council members in attendance: Heyne, Staley, Neumann, Maack, Wilcox.

Others in attendance: Buddy Huntley, Lauren Subler, Teddy Butler.

Moved and carried to approve the agenda. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the January 6 and 23, 2019, published minutes and the financial report. All Ayes. M.C.

Public Forum: Teddy Butler addressed the council on internet service.

Moved and carried to close public hearing for Maximum Property Tax Dollars 2020/2021 Budget due to no oral or written comments at 7:12p.m. All Ayes. M.C.

Resolution 02-03-2020, Resolution Approving Maximum Property Tax Dollars 2020/2021 Budget. Motion by Staley, seconded by Heyne. All Ayes. M.C.

Fire Report: 6 EMS, 1 EMS-Ricketts. Discussed applying for the Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant for SCBA equipment regionally. Fire school will be in March at WIT in Sioux City.

Lauren Subler addressed the council in regards to the updates the city would like to include on the Hazard Mitigation Plan. It will be a four county plan including Crawford, Carroll, Greene, Sac.

Moved and carried to close public hearing at 7:38 p.m. for the purchase of a lawn mower due to no oral or written comments. All Ayes. Moved and carried to purchase a John Deere Z970R ZTrak with a 72” Mower Deck for $11,400.00 from AgriVision Equipment, Onawa, IA with the provision that all property not owned by the city that is mowed will be billed to that property owner. All Ayes. M.C. Sealed bids will be taken for the Dixie Chopper at a later date.

Mayor Carter discussed the police officer position with the City Attorney. Discussed police car issue that was repaired and it still is having the same issue so council agreed to take car back to repair shop.

Resolution 02-03-2020A, Resolution Authorizing and Approving a Loan Agreement, Providing for the Issuance of a $375,000.00 General Obligation Corporate Purpose Note, Series 2020 and Providing for the Levy of Taxes to Pay the Same. Motion by Heyne, seconded by Staley. All Ayes. M.C.

Resolution 02-03-2020B, Resolution Approving the Appointment of City Attorney for the Remaining 2020 Calendar Year. Motion by Staley to appoint Allen Nepper, seconded by Neumann. Aye: Staley, Neumann, Maack, Wilcox. Nay: Heyne. M.C.

Mayor Carter ordered council member Neumann to leave the meeting at 8:42 p.m. Council member Staley questioned if the Mayor had the right to remove a council member.

Moved and carried to approve the budget and set hearing date for March 2, 2020 at 7:10 p.m. Aye: Heyne, Staley, Maack, Wilcox. Absent: Neumann. M.C.

Moved and carried to appoint Ken Lally to the Crawford County 911 Board. Aye: Heyne, Maack, Wilcox. Abstain: Staley. Absent: Neumann. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the Alcoholic Beverage License for the Charter Oak Community Club. Aye: Heyne, Staley, Maack, Wilcox. Absent: Neumann. M.C.

Bolton & Menk Inc. sent the proposed Compliance Strategy and Schedule for the Wastewater Treatment Facility to meet E.Coli discharge limits.

Discussed advertising for the Water/Sewer position.

No ordinance discussion.

The city applied for funds from Community Foundations of Southwest Iowa to do concrete work by the water plant.

No time clock discussion.

No building permits.

The next regular scheduled meeting will be Monday, March 2, 2020 at 7:00p.m.

Moved and carried to approve the following bills:

Payroll: ...7,474.35

Post Office ...910.00

United Bank of Iowa, 941 Tax ...2,412.08

IPERS, Benefits ...1,563.66

Bohlmann & Sons,... 2,697.30

West Central Iowa Rural Water, Bond, Interest, Water ...582.50

Mid-American, Electricity... 2,446.69

Frontier, Telephone ...331.27

Ampride, Fuel ...384.60

Mapleton Press, Publication ...224.09

Mangold, Testing... 88.50

Bonsall, Freight... 67.19

Cardmember, Books & Supplies ...203.41

Johnson, Propane ...315.00

Pam Tripp, Mileage... 34.50

Office Stop, Toner ...31.07

Crawford County Auditor’s, Election ...1,419.48

Crawford County Engineer’s, Sand/Salt... 814.60

Franck, Sextro, Legal ...280.00

Office of Auditor of State, Fee ...1,200.00

Certified Pool, CEU’s... 100.00

Denison Auto, Supplies... 85.44

AgriVision, Parts... 352.24

Law Enforcement, Supplies ...182.00

Gary Wiegel, Books ...17.94

Iowa One Call, Locates ...1.80.

Aye: Heyne, Staley, Maack, Wilcox. Absent: Neumann M.C.

Fund Totals:

General ...12,102.45

Special Revenues... 2,558.87

Proprietary ...9,558.39

Total ...24,219.71.

The following receipts for January:

Reconnect Fee... 75.00

Dog Licenses: Rita Quandt 20.00, Tina Carter 40.00, Brenda Nemitz 20.00, Narcisa Woodard 10.00, Ben Heyne 10.00, James Jepsen 10.00; Connie Keating 10.00, Lee Stence 10.00, Randy Steffen 30.00, Terry Goslar 10.00, Christine Rosburg 10.00, William Tuttle 20.00

Wayne Clemon, Bill... 65.01

Blaine Schwingdorf, In Memory of Mike Larson Library Memorial ...10.00

Jim Meseck, Deposit ...100.00

Ryan Topf, Deposit ...100.00

Crawford County Auditor, Library ...2,040.00

COU School, Ice Melt ...517.50

Becky Kunze 25.00, Patricia Ettleman 25.00, Marvin Klein 10.00 In Memory of Theresa Topf Fire Department Memorials Stop Payment Fee -32.00

Crawford County Treasurer, Property Tax ...1,167.07

Treasurer State of Iowa, Local Option ...4,119.41

Treasurer State of Iowa, Road Use Tax ...6,825.26

United Bank of Iowa, Interest ...350.78

Utility Deposit Water/Tax/Penalty ...10,228.05

Sewer/Tax... 3,915.78

Landfill/Tax ...805.62

Garbage-Tom ...2,697.30

Garbage-City ...461.70.

Moved and carried to adjourn at 9:36p.m.

Tina Carter, Mayor

Pamela S. Tripp, City Clerk

These are a condensed version of the proceedings of the regular meeting of the Charter Oak City Council. Copies of the complete version may be obtained at the Clerk’s office during normal office hours.


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