Agriculture in Iowa is one of the main economic drivers in the state with beef being a significant force in that equation. Animal agriculture employs, directly and indirectly, thousands in our state. During National Ag Week, I think it is a good time to reflect on a few of the impacts that animal agriculture can have right here in our area.

As a fourth generation family beef farmer, it is the cattle that has allowed us to bring the fifth generation back to our farm. Bringing back the next generation seems all warm and fuzzy, especially when the sixth generation toddles by the cattle yard and lives nearby. Of course, this is great! But one must remember, without our youth, small, rural communities cannot thrive. These families are members of our communities, go to our schools, shop in our stores, buy vehicles, and more.

As a family farm, we all work together to insure the health and well-being of our cattle. We keep up with the latest research and work in partnership with our veterinarian and beef nutritionist. Food safety and quality animal care and comfort are our top priorities, as I know it is for other farmers I know. Our entire family, down to the youngest toddler, eats the same beef we produce. We choose to eat real meat because we know it is a great source of protein and nutrients our bodies need to thrive. Nicely done beef. You give me a reason to use the drooling emoji!

Have questions about how beef is raised? Ask a farmer.

Sharyl Bruning, Mapleton

Monona County Farm

Bureau President

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