Wednesday, April 8, 4 p.m.

Here is my version of the highlights for those that did not attend the conference call. Official minutes will be posted as normal. I am putting this here in order to be as transparent as possible since we are limited to how many can attend the meetings per the current CDC rules.

The airport will be getting some major work done to it. We will be advertising for bids for the $400k electrical upgrade. We also found out that this will more than likely be 100% funded with no contributions from the City of Mapleton. When this project was approved, it was a 90/10 split. We also received word from FEMA that they will be paying on a 90/10 split to rebuild the dyke that was damaged by the floods last spring. The estimates from FEMA are around $300k. This will be a nice boost to the local economy as it will bring a lot of workers to the area. They will need gas, food, supplies, and much more. It will also bring the airport up to date for a fraction of the cost to the city. Right now, we are estimating roughly $700,000 worth of improvements for roughly a $30,000 commitment from the city. This does not necessary mean money. Part of the $30,000 can also normally be labor.

We are working on advertising the sale of 321 Main Street. This is the building on the corner of 4th and Main to the north. We will offer it for sale so the future owner can have a design input on the finish. We have two interested parties now that want to put a business back in there. This is another great boost to the local economy. We will still need to meet grant requirements no matter who purchases the building. More details will be provided on this later.

Bids were awarded for mowing the cemetery, road projects, and an electrical project for the pump house. Karla will be letting the awarded parties know soon.

If you are asking yourself why are we bidding the cemetery mowing out, let me explain. At the beginning of this year we went from a 4-person crew to a 3-person city crew. It takes about 2 days to mow and trim the cemetery every week. We decided it would be much cheaper for the city to hire this out rather than hire another full-time person. The person that was hired will also be using their own equipment, so it saves on maintenance and repairs on the city’s mowers.

Also on the agenda was the future of police coverage. It was decided that we will continue to explore two paths. We are still working with Sheriff Pratt for a countywide plan. While he is putting that plan together, the council voted to advertise for a new Chief for the Mapleton Police Department. We will take the time while we wait for the proposal from Sheriff Pratt to see who applies for the chief position. This way we can fully explore both options so we have all the information needed to make the best decision. Just because we advertise for the position does not mean we will fill it. That also being said, when we received the proposal for countywide coverage, the council can vote not to accept it. These are both measures to get the all the information needed. By no means is a final decision made. In the meantime, rest assured we do have law enforcement coverage for Mapleton.

The next highlight was for the pool. We have some maintenance that needs to be done. Most of you will remember the slide was put in about 20 years ago. Everything is original to that install. The motor and pump have been rebuilt, but are the same. The electrical enclosure is the same. It was decided after the council saw pictures of the equipment that it would soon become a safety issue. The council voted to replace the electrical enclosure, motor, and pump for the slide. We are going to have areas of the concrete inspected to make sure they are in good shape. We are proceeding in making sure the pool is ready for the summer season. The Pool Facebook page will give updates on dates and such as they become clearer.

Lastly, there was discussion of the project at the Tower Street Basin. This would be the grassy area at Chamberlain and Walnut. There is a design concept to make this area retain water better and be a native plant area. The design is not final, and I am looking for input from the council and others on concerns. Please message me your thoughts on this area.

Once again, this is my version of the recap of the highlights for the meeting and does not include everything discussed. We are working on getting the video into a format that we can post. As always, the minutes will be published as normal as they are the official minutes.

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