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The Mapleton Rotary Club “Cans for the Community” drop-off site is located on the corner of Sioux Street and Fourth Street (Highway 141) in Mapleton. This past year there were 126,916 cans/bottles left at the drop-off site.

For the past 22 years the Mapleton Rotary Club has collected redeemable cans and bottles to fund a wide number of community projects. During the first year of can and bottle collections, the club took in 43,592 cans and bottles providing just over $2,000 for the club to donate for several worthwhile projects.

Over the years, the support of the generous people of the area has grown and looking back at the 22 years, club members are pleased to report this project has grown beyond expectations.

The Rotary fiscal year ended June 30, 2019, and they are very pleased to announce that in this past year your can and bottle donations have set a new record for community project income.

This past year there were 126,916 cans and bottles left at the drop-off site at the corner of Sioux Street and Fourth Street (Highway 141). That is almost three times more cans than the year they began collections.

Income for the past year was $6,345.80. Since the start of our project, you have donated 1,873,998 cans and bottles. At the end of June 2019, the total income through your continued support now totals $92,898.90!

When the projects are reviewed and the total money given over the 22 years is tabulated, the top 10 projects were awarded 67% of the total money given out. Many of the top 10 have received the club’s support each of the 22 years.

The largest amount of money has gone toward the leadership scholarships the Rotary Club grants each year to be used over the four years the recipient attends college. The Rotary Club’s support for scholarships totals $9,100.

Four projects have each received over $7,000 in total money over the years that money has been donated.

The Mapleton Fire Department has been given money for new fire truck equipment, firemen recognition dinners, and fireworks.

Mapleton Rotary provided money to build and rebuild following the tornado the three Mapleton signs along the highways coming into town. They also purchased the Christmas lights for the signs.

The Rotary Club has provided funds for the annual After Prom Party. They have assisted West Central Development’s Food Pantry with their annual Christmas food deliveries and to assist with their utility bills.

In all of these projects, the Rotary Club has attempted to provide money benefiting people of all age groups and projects that benefit as many people in the community as possible.

The Rotary Club has been directly involved in Mapleton’s annual Christmas program giving over $6,000 to provide the tissue that Santa Claus distributes, but they also have given to the kid’s party, food boxes for those in need of the club’s help, as well as maintaining the lights on the Mapleton entry signs.

Rounding out the top 10 projects the can project has benefited, club members find that

each of the following programs have received over $4,000 each.

In 2005, the Mapleton Rotary Club approached the Mapleton City Council seeking to improve the Highway 141 roadside park. At that time, each of the over 35,000 worldwide Rotary clubs was encouraged to take on a special project in observance of the 100th year of Rotary’s founding. As a part of the Mapleton club taking on improvements of the roadside park, the City Council also officially named the roadside park “The Rotary Roadside Park.”

During the club’s sponsorship of the park, they have provided money to make improvements to the restrooms, built the gazebo, and rebuilt the gazebo following the tornado. They have also purchased picnic tables for people stopping to use the park.

Recently, the club assisted a family with ties to Mapleton and Rotary outside of Mapleton place a memorial bench in the park. A future article will provide more information on the family’s donation.

The Mapleton club continues to seek other projects that will enhance the park with additional improvements. The Rotary Club is not responsible for any of the planting or maintenance of flowerbeds in the park. This area was planted by the Rebuild and Recovery Board, and they oversee that area.

The Mapleton Public Library was initially established as a Mapleton Rotary project and our club has retained the club’s interest and support as the library has outgrown it’s establishment in the former Cook family home and it’s replacement with today’s beautiful building given to the community by Mrs. Ida (Cook) Fisher and Mr. Charles G. Whiting. The club has given money for specific library needs as well as donations directly to the library and the Friends of the Fisher-Whiting Memorial Library.

Today, the library serves hundreds of young people and adults and the Rotary is proud of it’s role in the library development.

Over the last couple of years, the club has been able to invest over $4,000 for improvements at the kid’s ball fields on the west side of town. They have purchased picnic tables and the cement pads for the tables giving people a place to enjoy their concession stand purchases. Club members anticipate additional tables being purchased. A number of years ago, the club donated money to the 4-H Club when the playground equipment was purchased for the ball field.

The Rotary Club has also been a major donor to the upkeep and preservation of the historic Ring House in Mapleton. Over the past 22 years, they have donated paint, installed new doors, rebuilt the porch floor, and made the building handicap accessible.

Members of the Rotary Club have volunteered time to paint the exterior of the house and serve as hosts for special open houses. They also have purchased several items for the interior and sponsored several tours of the house.

In addition to these 10 worthwhile community projects, there are numerous other ways your can and bottle money has been returned to the citizens of the area.

Other projects the club has been able to support include donating to a variety of kid’s parties, including the Halloween Party, Easter Egg Hunt, and annual Christmas party. They have been able to become more involved in the annual Fourth of July celebration. Initially, the club donated to the firemen’s fire works display, and in recent years, they have sponsored the 4-H operated free Bingo, and they have had several entries in the parade.

The Rotary Club purchased the pull-down window covers for the City Park shelter house and several picnic tables for the park. They have given money for the ambulance, Community Center improvements, Mt. Hope Cemetery signs, and preservation of the caretaker’s building, the Open Cupboard, the swimming pool, and a variety of one-time donations for numerous other projects.

Mapleton Rotary believes that this is a pretty impressive list of accomplishments made possible because of your continued support. The club wants to be involved in those projects that enhance the community improvements. You will notice that the club’s goal is to assist projects that benefit large numbers of people, and your money stays in the Mapleton area and are projects that the club believes will provide benefits for many years.

Mapleton Rotary is most appreciative of the wide support they have received, not only from Mapleton residents, but friends from a wide area around the city. The club thanks everyone for assisting them in all of these projects.

With your support over the next couple of years, Mapleton Rotary will reach the 2 million can and bottle mark, and with that, reach $100,000 and beyond that amount to continue the Rotary Club’s strong involvement and support of many worthwhile projects.

Mapleton Rotary offers a thank you for making this the best year in can and bottle donations. They know that it is very possible as you see what your donations have accomplished that others will also want to join Rotary’s faithful donors and be a part of this very successful Rotary project.

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