What will “Summer 2020” look like?

This is a picture from one of last year’s summer reading program activities at the Fisher-Whiting Memorial Library.

With Memorial Day serving as the “unofficial” start to summer, many people are wondering what this summer will look like and what everyone can do to keep busy.

The Fisher-Whiting Memorial Library in Mapleton currently re-opened its doors to the public. The library is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. When library patrons enter the library, they are asked to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands.

There is a time limit on computers of 30 minutes. Library patrons are reminded to use social distancing and it is recommended to wear a mask.

At this time, the library staff asks you place all returns in the drop box.

Each summer, the Fisher-Whiting Memorial Library has a fun-filled summer reading program.

Library director Peg Gay said she is working on the plans for the summer library program now.

For the adults, there will be adult bingo for prizes. A new bingo card will be available every two weeks through June and July.

For preschool and elementary children, Gay said they are planning to have an activity packet each week; plus on Fridays in June, she will have an outdoor activity at the library with a limit of 10 kids. If more than 10 register, she will hold multiple sessions.

She is also planning a family night activity on Thursday, June 11. If it is well attended, the library will add more family night events.

Watch for more information about these upcoming activities/events in the Mapleton Press or call the library at 712-881-1312.

At the Charter Oak City Council meeting on May 4, it was decided to keep the library closed until further notice.


One place that kids and families look forward to go each summer is the swimming pool.

On May 20, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds updated her proclamation that swimming pools may now open only for the purposes of swimming lessons and lap swimming.

At 9 p.m. on May 20, the Mapleton Swimming Pool released information about the becoming season on their Facebook page.

“As many of you know, the Governor updated her proclamation today that included swimming pools. According to the update, swimming pools may now open only for the purposes of swimming lessons and lap swimming. Today a decision was made that I’m sure not everyone will agree with. We have decided to start the process of opening the pool.

“It will take three days to completely fill it. It will then take another seven days before we can take water samples from it. It will then be another two-three days for testing to come back from the state labs.

“Once again the Governor has not given the go ahead to fully open. This does give us the opportunity to start training lifeguards and be ready for whatever the state decides.

“There will be no public lessons this year. Sorry but it not possible to have that many kids from different families together and meet CDC guidelines. We will only be able to offer private lessons. The hope is to do this for as many as possible, but we will accommodate our local families first.

“We know everyone will have questions about safety, pricing and much more. We will be taking the next week or so to sort out a lot of these details. We expect to have state recommendations and guidelines on or around May 27 as how to proceed with social distancing and what other limitations will be put into place.

“One thing we can tell you is the pool will be very different this year. There will be a lot more rules we need to follow. We felt it important to open to give families and kids an activity and to give them some sort of normalcy. We will need your patience as rules are expected to change throughout the season.

“We want everyone to have fun, but we also need to be safe and responsible. More details as we get them, but we hope to see you soon at the pool!”

Pool manager Laurie Streck said everything is subject to change quickly. The best place for information about the Mapleton pool is on their Facebook page.

Schleswig City Clerk, Kris Kluender said Schleswig is hoping to open this summer if the Governor lifts the ban and if the restrictions are something that can be managed. The

At the Charter Oak City Council meeting on May 4, it was decided to keep the swimming pool closed until further notice but the pool will be cleaned out. More information will be discussed at the June council meeting.


As for youth little leagues around the area, Governor Reynolds plans to make an announcement this week about youth athletics.

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