President Trump gets the Republican nod

Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses were held Monday night, Feb. 3, across the state, the first step in choosing the country’s next president. The night was not without controversy, though, as reporting issues to the Iowa Democratic Party were experienced that caused delays that continued days later in determining a winner.

One of the main reasons for the delays, according to the Iowa Democratic Party, “coding issues” with its reporting app was blamed for the situation.

As of Thursday morning, Feb. 6, the tally was still at 96.43% reporting. By Monday, Feb. 10, the Iowa Democratic Community reported 100% reporting with Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders at a near tie.

Buttigieg’s tally was 564 (26.2%) total State Delegate Equivalents, which represent the number of state convention delegates a candidate receives based upon results from each precinct caucus, and Sanders was at 562 SDEs (26.1%).

Behind them were Elizabeth Warran with 388 SDEs (18.0%), Joe Biden with 340 SDEs (15.8%), Amy Klobuchar with 264 SDEs (12.3%), Andrew Yang with 22 SDEs (1.0%), and Tom Steyer with 7 SDEs (0.3%).

These totals give Buttigieg 13 delegates, Sanders 12 delegates, Warren 8 delegates, Biden 6 delegates, and Klobuchar 1 delegate.

Locally, Buttigieg won Monona County with 110 SDEs. He was followed by Warren with 85 SDEs, Biden with 75, Sanders with 65, Klobuchar with 45, and Steyer with 20.

Biden had a strong showing in Crawford County, winning the county race with 240 SDEs. He was followed by Sanders with 150, Buttigieg with 90, Klobuchar with 75, Warren with 30, and Yang with 15.

Woodbury County went to Sanders with 1,742 SDEs with Biden in second place with 1,211. Buttigieg placed third with 1,062, and was followed by Warren at 786, Klobuchar with 234, and Yang with 64. There were 21 uncommitted SDEs in Woodbury County.

Ida County was won by Buttigieg with 120 SDEs. He was followed by Biden with 90, Klobuchar with 45, and Sanders with 45.

In the Republican caucus, with 100% reporting, Donald Trump won the statewide race with 31,464 votes (97.1%) to receive 39 delegates. Bill Weld was the only other Republican candidate to receive any delegates. He received one after receiving 426 votes (1.3%). Candidate Joe Walsh received 348 votes (1.1%), which was not enough to receive any delegates at the state convention.

Trump won all of the local areas, receiving 94.5% of the vote in Monona County, 99.3% of the vote in Crawford County, 98.7% of the vote in Woodbury County, and 98.5% of the vote in Ida County.

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