Former Faith Bible Church in Mapleton comes down

A church building has stood on the corner of Seventh and Main Streets in Mapleton since 1902.

In February 1902, the First Presbyterian Church was dedicated during the last Sabbath. The actual cost of the building, including lot and furniture, was $3,650. The seating capacity was 275 to 300. It cost about $4,000 to complete the basement.

A complete renovation of the building took place in 1937.

On March 1, 1983, the Church of Christ in Mapleton changed to Faith Bible Church. The new name was selected in an effort to unite Christians from different denominational backgrounds. The congregation remained independent of any denominational affiliation.

The congregation began to outgrow the old building in the new century. Plans for a new addition began and the lot next door was purchased. Soon after, the National Guard Armory went up for auction, and the church decided to proceed in that direction.

Faith Bible Church was the winning bidder for the Armory in 2008. This event started the many years of hard work that would transform the Armory into a beautiful and functional church. The original stained-glass windows from the old church were installed in the new sanctuary. Faith Bible Church officially opened its doors on Easter Sunday of 2014.

The church building located at Seventh and Main has sat empty since Spring 2014 and has changed ownership a couple of times.

Mapleton Community Development Corporation (MCDC) purchased the building this spring. The building came down on Saturday, Aug. 15, as the Mapleton Fire Department used the building for fire training exercises.

Plans for the corner of Seventh and Main is to turn it into a flat lot for residential development.


Two buildings on Schleswig’s 2nd Street come down

On Monday, Aug. 31, two buildings on Schleswig’s Second Street came down. The City of Schleswig owns the two buildings as they were deeded over to the city. The buildings were dilapidated and had become dangerous. The empty lots will be put up for sale, said Schleswig City Clerk Kris Kluender.

There is a lot of history within the walls of those two buildings.

Schleswig started when the railroad came through in 1899. It missed the two former town sites of Morgan and Hohenzollern. Businesses from the former sites moved to the new site.

Jurgen Schroeder, the moving force from Hohenzollern, moved building and all to the new town.

He had the three buildings on the north end of the street. Fourteen years later, a fire started in them on Christmas Eve of 1913, and they all burned down. It left a huge hole in the business district.

One of the fraternal organizations in town, the International Order of Odd Fellows, stepped up to build a new meeting place and social center for the community.

It was completed in 1915. It had a dance floor and meeting room on the second floor, a bar and grill on the main floor, and a bowling alley in the basement.

It was a great boost to the community. The Odd Fellows became a large and very active organization in the community from the earliest days of Schleswig until it disbanded in the 1940s.

Herbert Babbe bought the building and divided the second floor into apartments, and Fritz Miller operated the bar and grill and the bowling alley until sometime around 1970. John Kolbaum bought the building and converted it to the Sirloin Steak House until approximately 1990. Everett Evers bought the building, but it remained unoccupied until the City of Schleswig took it over.

The building next door was a pool hall built by William Schroeder. It went through a number of owners and operators over the years. They included Will Schroeder, Herbert Hamann, Dale McMillian, Walt Friederichsen, and more. In 1980, John Kolbaum bought it and attached it to the Sirloin Stake House under the name the Herford Lounge. In later years, a portion of it was used as the Shear Delight Beauty Salon.

The third lot, in which the building is still standing, was the location of the movie theater for many years, and it hosted a number of other businesses. It is now the home of the Chrome Spur Lounge.

History information provided by Larry Grill

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