Mystery Solved

Parker Harness Shop 107 Oak street

Earlier, the Moorhead Cultural Center was researching a beautiful marriage certificate of Fred Ray Parker and Stella Elizabeth Holmes, which hung in the center for years.

Information in the earlier news article mentioned that Fred was a harness maker and a postmaster, and that Stella taught music to the young people.

The information that was gathered left the Moorhead Cultural Center Board wondering where this former Moorhead resident, merchant, and his wife are buried.

For those wondering the same thing, a lady from Missouri Valley and a gentleman from Columbus, Mo., answered that question and added to the story.

Fred, was not only a harness maker and postmaster, but he taught school in the Moorhead system. The couple resided in Moorhead for 57 years. His shop, which is still standing, is located at 107 Oak St. in downtown Moorhead. It is now, the Loess Hills Taxidermy home. This busy citizen was born Sept. 25, 1871, and died in September 1959.

Fred’s parents, Charles Parker and Caroline Euphema Blount are buried in Preparation Cemetery of Monona County. The memorials offer more info about Fred’s family.

Stella Parker was born Oct. 26, 1879, in Malvern. She was a music teacher and devoted much of her life to teaching. Piano, instrumental and voice were her fields of training, which she received from the University of Chicago and from Effa Ellis Perfield of New York City. She was a member of the Christian Church in Moorhead and other prestigious organizations of the area.

The Oldham Funeral Home of Soldier was in charge of her funeral, even though the ceremony was conducted in Sioux City by Rev. Dwight Walker of Moorhead.

Rev. Dwight Walker of the First Christian Church also officiated at Fred’s funeral. The pallbearers for Fred, now familiar names to Moorhead’s older citizens, were Darrell Lawrenson, Arthur Lamb, L.A. Solberg, Harry Mortenson, Wilbur Skow, and Harry Frohow.

Fred and Stella had a daughter, Evelyn, who evidently went to California shortly after the death of her father. Both Fred and Stella are buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Woodbury County, Sioux City.

So, now, the mystery is solved, thanks to genealogists who cared enough to help.

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