Monona County Community Partners Foundation

The Mapleton Starspinners 4-H Club received a Monona County Community Partners Foundation grant for $3,082 for their “Slide into Summer” project.

The Monona County Community Partners Foundation (MCCPF) awarded grants totaling over $102,000 to nonprofit organizations in support of projects and programs throughout Monona County. This brings the total grants awarded to over $1.3 million since the first grants were made in 2006. “This grant program has benefitted the county immensely since it began awarding in 2006. The grants improve the quality of life for residents across Monona County,” says Daniel Comes, MCCPF Advisory Board Chair.

The following grants were awarded:

• Back/Pack Project-West Monona/Whiting; BackPack Program-West Monona/Whiting; $4,000.

• Blencoe Fire Department; Update Bunker Gear and Supplies; $6,660.

• Burgess Foundation; Lucas Device for Emergency Room; $5,000.

• Camp High Hopes; 2020 Summer Sleep Away Camp; $2,000.

• City of Turin; Flag Pole at Turin Memorial; $1,300.

• Crossroads of Western Iowa; Defibrillators; $1,045.

• Iowa College Access Network; Building Iowa’s Future Workforce; $1,000.

• Loess Hills Hospitality Association; Visit the Loess Hills; $1,849.

• Mapleton Fire Department; Radio Equipment; $5,000.

• Mapleton Rotary Club; Little League Recreation Picnic Tables; $4,000.

• Mapleton Starspinners 4-H Club; Slide into Summer; $3,082.

• Monona County Conservation Board; Gray’s Landing Playground; $5,000.

• Monona County Extension; Hog Pens at Fairgrounds; $5,000.

• The Monona County Fair Association; Office Bathrooms and Showers; $7,000.

• Moorhead Cultural Center; Front Windows, Door, Framework; $5,000.

• Moorhead Fire Department; Bunker Gear Replacement; $4,436.

• Moorhead Parks & Recreation; Shelter House Community Social; $1,400.

• Onawa Police Department; Vehicle and Office Equipment; $2,900.

• Onawa Volunteer Fire Department; Radio Update; $7,000.

• Open Cupboard; Distribution for Food Insecure; $1,000.

• Parks & Rec Committee-City of Soldier; Playset, Fall Zone & Swings; $1,900.

• Senior Companion Program; Volunteer Service Support; $525.

• Soldier Community Club; Community Building Gutter Project; $6,000.

• Ute Fire Department; Air Packs; $6,000.

• Ute Senior Center; Roof Repair; $4,300.

• West Monona High School; Farm-to-Table Project; $2,423.

• Whiting Volunteer Fire Department; Vehicle Rescue/Extrication Improvement; $7,500.

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