Koenigs to gain broadcasting experience  as a reporter at Iowa State Fair

Through the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach “Iowa 4-H Reporters” program, Cadence Koenigs will get to cover events at the Iowa State Fair.

Cadence Koenigs has done 4-H educational presentations and working exhibits at the Iowa State Fair for the past five years. She was looking to do something new at this year’s State Fair.

From the young age, Koenigs has wanted to be on ESPN as a sports broadcaster. She has grown up around sports, has a love for sports, and likes to talk in front of people.

A program through the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach started in 2016 called Iowa 4-H Reporters. The Iowa 4-H Reporters program gives youth an opportunity to have in-depth, hands-on learning experiences as they are a part of a reporting team at the Iowa State Fair.

Koenigs was selected to be one of the reporters to cover this year’s Iowa State Fair. She will be covering events at the Fair on Thursday, Aug. 8; Thursday, Aug. 15, and Friday, Aug. 16.

“This program gives me insight on what I want to do when I grow up,” Koenigs said.

On July 24, Koenigs attended a workshop as part of the experience. The group started with a tour of WHO-Radio and watched a live radio show. They then went to Iowa Public Television (IPTV) for a tour and started training.

They wrote their own radio spots about the state fair and recorded them. The spots will be sent to WHO-Radio to be broadcasted on the air as a promo to watch IPTV’s Iowa State Fair coverage.

In the afternoon, Koenigs said they learned about the video production process, learning how to use the cameras, microphones, about B-roll, wide shots, voiceovers, and more. After collecting footage, they used computers to edit and put a video together.

During her time at the Iowa State Fair, Koenigs will be caring the camera and tripod to cover events and interview “fairgoers” about their memories and experiences at the fair. She will cover events like the livestock shows, art demonstrations, the butter cow sculpture, the contests, and much more.

Beside all of the Iowa State Fair food, Koenigs is excited to talk to “fairgoers.”

“I looking forward to walking around the fair, getting to talk to people, and learning about their experiences and memories at the state fair,” Koenigs said.

She also excited to see all of the weird contests, like the bubble blowing contest and the monster arm wrestling.

Once she has all the fair footage she needs, she will edit them into a video to make it ready to air/steam on IPTV.

IPTV has had an Iowa State Fair highlight show for 49 years. “Fair 2019” recap show will be nightly on IPTV at 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. from Aug. 12-17. The show will also be live-streamed on Facebook and at iptv.org. Episodes will be rebroadcast back-to-back on Aug. 18 beginning at 2 p.m.

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