Wings Flight crew are pictured here presenting their Experience Matters award to Monona County Sheriff Jeff Pratt. From left are Mitch Finnesgard, Susie Pick, Leo Mijares (background), Beth Greene, Pratt, Duane Renz and Chris Hunter.

Monona County Sheriff Jeff Pratt was recognized on Wednesday, Dec. 18, for his dedication to emergency services in the area.

Wings Air Rescue out of Sioux City presented Pratt with the Experience Matters award at Burgess Health Center in Onawa.

“The new Experience Matters award is presented to people who are nominated by their peers,” Flight Paramedic Chris Hunter told Sheriff Pratt. “It is to recognize your years of experience, but it is not just about experience, it is also about your dedication to your community.”

Sheriff Pratt is currently serving his 19th year as the Sheriff of Monona County and has been in law enforcement for 30 years. Additionally, Sheriff Pratt has served on the Onawa Volunteer fire Department for 16 years.

Sheriff Pratt actively participates in annual Emergency Management Services education with his deputies, is a traffic incident management course instructor, served as an EMT-B for a decade at Burgess Health Center in Onawa, and is currently serving as the secretary for the E-911 board.

Duane Renz nominated Sheriff Pratt for fostering others to learn and for creating an environment where others feel safe.

In addition to a certificate, Sheriff Pratt was given a personalized coffee mug, a Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificate, and a t-shirt.

“At Wings Air Rescue in Sioux City, we understand how much experience matters, not only to those we serve but to those we work with as well,” Hunter said. “We want to take time each month to recognize a deserving individual in our service area by presenting them with The Wings Air Rescue Experience Matters Award.

Hunter added that there are so many people who do so much for our communities, from first responders to nurses and doctors to dispatchers and to many in between.

Qualified individuals are not simply awarded for their experience, but for what they do with that experience, including fostering others so that we all may learn and grow to better serve our communities.

“Sheriff Pratt, your experience truly matters and has a profound impact on everyone around you,” Hunter said. “We want to thank you for your countless hours of service to your community.

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