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Coronavirus was first confirmed in Iowa on March 8. In the past three months, there have been many changes, from school closures, limiting gatherings to 10 or less, practicing social distancing, and a number of business closures.

Governor Kim Reynolds has since lifted a number of these restrictions. Read how businesses have reopened and what precautionary steps they have taken to keep customers safe.

Hair salons and barber shops could re-open for business on May 15.

Corey Brenner at The Cutting Edge said she and Patty Sanderson have been doing lots of extra sanitation in the salon in between each client. Prior to reopening, they attended many Zoom meetings on how to reopen the salon.

“People were very excited that we got to re-open, and you still have those that aren’t ready to come yet,” Brenner said. “We were very excited to open ourselves. We missed our clients.”

Clients are required to wear a mask while getting a haircut, and Brenner said they have them available if someone doesn’t have one. She and Sanderson wear a mask while doing a client’s hair.

“It’s definitely different cutting around a mask,” Brenner said.

Every chair is sanitized before someone sits in it, and no cape is reused.

“We hope clients feel like they are safe when coming in,” she added.

When Finders Keepers first re-opened for business, Carol Koenigs said things were a little slow. She said the last week of May and first week in June things started picking up as people started calling in to make an appointment to bring in their items to consign.

Finders Keepers has gotten back to their normal hours, and the foot traffic of customers has gone up as they look through the spring and summer items on the racks, including items like swimsuits and capris.

Koenigs said they have placed a plastic sheet at the front counter between the employees and the customers. They encourage customers to wear a mask, but it is not required.

Kraft Clothing re-opened on May 1. The store is back to a regular schedule. John Babl said business was very good during the month of May.

“Our footwear sales have been especially good since we re-opened,” Babl said.

He added the biggest challenge since re-opening is getting new merchandise delivered promptly.

“Deliveries have improved a lot during the last month, but some companies are still very slow getting goods out their door,” Babl said.

On March 17, Governor Reynolds made a proclamation that restaurants could only serve food and drinks through carry-out or delivery. About a month and a half later, on May 1, restaurants could open for dine-in serves at 50% capacity. The Beef-n-Brew waited to re-open for dine-in until May 22.

They are now back to normal hours, including breakfast and Tuesday through Saturday nights.

Barb Blake at the Beef-n-Brew said they removed the booths, removed a couple of tables, and spread things out so there is plenty of space between them.

“People have been in on the certain nights they like; Mexican on Tuesdays and pan-fried chicken on Fridays,” Blake said.

While some people have chosen to dine-in, Blake said they still have lots of take-out orders.

Also during her proclamation on March 17, Governor Reynolds ordered bars that did not serve food to close. Brad Siebersma, owner of Tiny’s Bar in Mapleton, said the hardest part was the bills kept coming, but no income was coming in during the closure.

After two-and-a-half months, bars were able to re-open on May 28. Business has been slow during the week, but the weekends are starting to pick up as people are starting to get out more.

“It is far from where it was, but it will gradually pick up, I would say,” Siebersma said. “It’s nice to have the doors open again.”

The tables at Tiny’s have always been spaced out enough to meet the guidelines, and Siebersma added they have placed hand sanitizer around the bar.

While there are more regulations, guidelines, and more safety precautions in place for all businesses to follow, they are all glad to be back to serve their customers.

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