After receiving their stimulus checks, Dan Becker and Deona Bouchard wanted to use the money to do something different.

They talked to Staley’s Catering about having a drive-up chicken dinner. Rick Staley said Staley’s Catering felt honored that they chose to have Staley’s chicken for the meal.

With an event like this never being done before, no one was sure how many to prepare for.

“It was kind of an unknown. Nobody had ever done that before,” Rick Staley said.

Staley’s looked back at numbers from other community dinners in the past to see how many people were served. They came up with a base number of 350.

After picking a date, Becker said they spread the word about the meal around town, put it on Facebook, and it was announced on the Denison radio station.

Becker, Bouchard, and family invited the Charter Oak residents to a free Staley’s two-piece chicken dinner to take home. Residents picked up their meals on Saturday, June 13, between 5-6:30 p.m. The dinners included two pieces of chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a roll.

With a number of organizations canceling their events due to the coronavirus, Staley said this was the highlight of the month for them. Staley’s Catering is down about 20,000 meals with all the cancelations and another 5,000 funeral dinners. They do have a number of graduation orders.

Staley’s got to cook all of the food in their own kitchen, which is unusual said Staley.

“Normally, we have to be on the road for a couple of hours and take everything with us,” Staley said. Then when the crew returns home, they normally have to clean the trucks out.

Staley said when they were done on Saturday, they were done as they were able to do dishes and clean up as the event went along.

A food line was setup outside of Staley’s building in the shade. Becker’s family helped with the event as they formed a food line to fill the takeout boxes.

“It was a beautiful day, and afterwards, we went over to the house and relaxed and had a short family reunion,” Becker said.

Arrows were set up for residents to follow when they picked up their food. People put up their fingers to show them how many meals they wanted. Becker said they also delivered some meals to residents that couldn’t make it down.

“It went smoothly,” Becker said. “It went very well without a hitch. It just went along like clockwork.”

Becker graduated from Charter Oak-Ute and moved back to the area in 2000. He thanks the community for participating as it was nice to see everyone come down. He hopes they enjoyed their meals.

“The smile on the people’s faces was the reward right there,” Becker said.

Staley said they might use this event as a “pilot trial” as to how community/church meals might be done in the future.

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