Program celebrates farms that have been in the same family for 100 and 150 years, respectively

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation President Craig Hill, and Vice-President Joe Heinrich will honor 485 Iowa farm families with Century or Heritage Farm designations at the Iowa State Fair.

The program celebrates farms that have been owned by the same families for 100 and 150 years, respectively. The Century Farm program began in 1976 as part of the Nation’s Bicentennial Celebration. This year, 332 Century Farms and 153 Heritage Farms will be recognized.

Being recognized from the area for a Heritage Farm are Richard and Jonetta Scebold, 1449 Highway 30/Austin Avenue, Missouri Valley. The farm was established in 1858.

Those receiving recognition for Century Farms from the area are:

• Robert and Annie Kroll, 2330 140th St., Charter Oak, established 1919.

• Patrick E. Lampe, Vickie L. Laubscher Lampe, and John and Maureen Remmes, 1514 Nelson Park Road, Dow City, established 1918.

• Richard Keating, 2195 220th St., Denison, established in 1909.

• Betty J. Sullivan Living Trust, James A. Sullivan Living Trust, Erik C. Swanson, and Paul W. Swanson, 1150 Boyer Blvd., Kiron, established 1919.

• Gerald D. and Elizabeth M. Miller, 27604 Hemlock Ave., Onawa, established 1918.

To date, more than 20,060 Century Farms and 1,360 Heritage Farms have been recognized across the state of Iowa. This year’s ceremony will take place at the Iowa State Fair Livestock Pavilion in Des Moines on Thursday, Aug. 15, beginning at 8 a.m. and continuing throughout the day.

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