Monona County Public Safety Center

Residents in Monona County went to the polls on March 3 to vote on a $6.2 million bond for the construction of a new public safety facility.

While the vote was close, the bond fell short of the 60% margin needed to pass. The unofficial results from the Monona County Auditor for the jail bond special election was YES - 56.99%; NO - 43.01%.

Monona County Sheriff Jeff Pratt said, “We are disappointed we didn’t get it passed, but understand bond issues sometimes take more than one try.”

He said he feels the jail committee had gotten the right information out, and they haven’t heard any negative comments against the project.

The sheriff’s office held an open house in February at the jail and Pratt said, “Anyone that toured the facility could see the need for a new one.”

Pratt and other jail committee member met with the Board of Supervisors on Friday, March 6, to discuss the project.

The jail committee will regroup in a few weeks to see what the plan will be moving forward.

“We will come up with a plan and try to sell this (project) in the next six months,” Pratt said. He added that they will keep pushing their message to people as to why the new public safety center is needed.

Pratt said that while no date has been set, the public safety center bond issue will be up for election again in September.

If anyone has questions about the project, they should call the Monona County Sheriff’s Office or talk with a jail committee member.

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