Yard of the week (1)

Rasmussen yard of the week (1).

This week's Yard of the Week nomination goes to Rolland Rasmussen of 11578

CR 27. Rolland started his impressive garden at this location upon moving

in some thirty years ago. At the time, it was an abandoned home, on a vacant lot, surrounded by a field of weeds. Within the third year he began work on an

impressive water feature that includes a waterfall and pond nearly 5 ft

deep. The pond is home to at least fifty turtles ranging in all sizes and of at

least three varieties, bull frogs, two large koi fish and six goldfish. They

reside in the pond year round. Surrounding the pond there are over one hundred and fifty different types of plant life including water lilies, golden stag horn, sand cherry, and river birch, as well as several varieties of cactus. The thirty foot Hemlock Evergreen, shading much of his backyard today, was transported back from the Delaware River in a coffee can many years ago. Rolland comes across as a careful and conscience gardener. During the off season his basement stores much of the plants that go dormant but are unable to survive the harsh winter. To ensure that some of the plants have a full and eye catching season, he will start them inside again before it is warm enough to move them out. If you are unable to visit Rolland's impressive yard you might be able to catch him at the Fair, as he always enters plants and has even won Best of Show for a 'Showy Jacobs Ladder.'

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