The Logan View/Scribner-Snyder Lady Raiders hosted DC West on Thursday and dropped the match in 3 straight sets. They then traveled to Fort Calhoun to compete in their invitational tournament on Saturday. They opened with a win over David City. Then lost to the host team Fort Calhoun to finish in second place.

DC West

DCW     25-25-25           3

LVSS       9-20-20           0

The Lady Raiders had a slow start in losing the opening set 9-25. Then they settled down and played DC West in a couple close sets, losing 20-25 in each set.

Leading the team in attacks was Dream Daugherty with 27 attacks with 6 kills. Kristal Svehla had 24 attacks with 7 kills, Emily Lewin had 21 attacks with 2 kills, Tyler Christianson had 16 attacks with 3 kills and Adrian Kroeker had 14 attacks with 4 kills. Emily Lewin led the team with 4 blocks followed by Kristal Svehla with 2 blocks and Adrian Kroeker and Tyler Christianson each had a block.

Tyler Christianson was 9 for 9 in successful serves. Dream Daugherty, Emily Lewin and Reagan Klein each went 7 for 8. Daugherty, Klein, Christianson and Elizabeth Hull each had ace serves. Elizabeth Hull led the team with 12 digs followed by Emily Lewin with 10 and Dream Daugherty with 8. Reagan Klein had 18 assists.

David City

DC        15-19   0

LVSS     25-25   2

The Lady Raiders competed in the Fort Calhoun tournament and opened with David City. LVSS swept them in 2 straight sets to advance to the finals.

Leading the team in attacks at the net was Emily Lewin with 16 attacks with 6 kills and Adrian Kroeker with 15 attacks including 6 kills. Reagan Klein had 2 blocks including one solo. Emily Lewin, Adrian Kroeker and Kristal Svehla each had a block assist.

Emily Lewin was 12 of 13 in successful serves. Dream Daugherty was 7 for 9 with 2 ace serves, Tyler Christianson was 8 for 9 with an ace serve and Stormy Poast was 8 for 8. Others with ace serves were Emily Lewin with 2 and Reagan Klein had one. Dream Daugherty and Tyler Christianson led the team with 6 digs apiece and Emily Lewin had 5 digs. Reagan Klein had 18 assists.

Fort Calhoun

FC        25-26-25           2

LVSS     16-28-17           1

The Lady Raiders faced the host team in the finals. It was a tough match that went to 3 sets with Fort Calhoun prevailing 2-1.

Emily Lewin and Kristal Svehla led the team with 30 attacks at the net. Lewin had 9 kills and Kristal Svehla had 8 kills. Tyler Christianson had 19 attacks with 6 kills and Reagan Klein had 11 attacks with one kill. Kristal Svehla had 2 blocks, one solo, Tyler Christianson had 2 block assists and Adrian Kroeker had one block.

Dream Daugherty was 17 for 18 with 4 ace serves. Emily Lewin was 10 for 11 with 2 ace serves. Tyler Christianson was 8 for 8 in successful serves. Elizabeth Hull led the team with 11 digs followed by Dream Daugherty with 9 digs. Reagan Klein had 26 assists.


Sept. 10 the Lady Raiders will host a triangular with Twin River and Tekamah-Herman. Sept 14 they will compete in the Bishop Neumann Invite. Sept 16 they will host a triangular with North Bend Central and Stanton.

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