The Oakland-Craig Knights came into Friday night with a #2 rating in Class C2 in both Omaha and Lincoln with a 1-0 record after defeating Crofton in the opener 28-0. They faced the Hartington Cedar Catholic Trojans who came off a loss to BRLD in their opener. Hartington is usually a tough team with lots of depth. But what happened Friday night was not expected by anyone.

The Knights won the toss and chose to receive. They started their first drive on the OC27. Five plays later Blake Johnson took off around the right side of the line and darted to the end zone for a 45 yard touchdown run. O-C led 6-0 just 2 minutes into the game.

The Trojans started their first drive on HCC25. Three plays later they fumbled and Blake Johnson recovered it giving the Knights a 1stdown on the HCC 35. Jaron Meyer took the ball on the 2ndplay from scrimmage for a 30 yard scamper to the 3 yard line and a first and goal. A couple plays later Ian Lundquist crossed the goal line to put O-C up 12-0 with 7:08 left in the opening period.

Cedar Catholic's next drive was stopped 3 and out. But on the punt the ball sailed over the punter’s head and was covered on the HCC9 for a first and goal for the Knights. Two plays later Jaron Meyer crossed the goal line for the third time in the opening period with 5:33 left. O-C led 20-0.

A couple possessions later Hartington found themselves on their 2 yard line. They got to the 9 and had to punt. O-C took the ball on their 43 yard line. Ian Lundquist had a 29 yard run a couple plays later putting O-C on the 2 yard line with a 1stand goal. The first quarter ended with O-C up 20-0.

Three plays later Lundquist carried the ball into the end zone for O-C’s 4thtouchdown and the Knights led 28-0 just a minute and a half into the period.

Hartington went 3 and out and punted to O-C, who started their drive on the OC32  The drive ended with a 47 yard pass and run from Colton Thomsen to Coulter Thiele for O-C’s 5th  touchdown and they led 36-0.

The next kick off to the Trojans resulted in Jaron Meyer ripping the ball out of the hands of the return man and it is O-C’s ball on the HCC25. Ten plays later Colton Thomsen takes the ball into the end zone from 3 yards out and O-C was up 44-0.

The Trojans got a drive going and marched from the HCC22 to the OC40. Elliott Johnson got a sack on the quarterback putting them at the OC45. The next play Jaron Meyer intercepted the ball and ran it to the HCC21. The next play Tavis Uhing took off for the end zone for a 21 yard run to put O-C up 50-0 with 0:21.8 left in the half.

The reserves came in for the second half with a running clock in effect. Hartington received to start the second half. They put together a long drive that put them in the end zone with 5:11 left in the 3rdquarter.

They put together a 4:00 drive in the 4thquarter and scored their second touchdown to give them 13 points. O-C got the squib kick attempt and started their drive on the OC36 and held the ball for the last 4:20 of the game to end the game with O-C’s 50-13 stomping of Cedar Catholic.

The Knights had 422 yards of offense, rushing for 289. Colton Thomsen was 6 for 7 passing for 112 yards, 53 yards his longest. Grady Gatewood was 2 for 3 for 21 yards passing, 14 yards his longest.

Coulter Thiele had 3 receptions for 71 yards and a touchdown. Caden Nelson had one reception for 28 yards, Colton Thomsen had 2 receptions for 21 yards and Wyatt Seagren had one reception for 7 yards.

Leading rushers for O-C were Ian Lundquist with 53 yards on 9 carries, Blake Johnson 51 yards on 2 carries, Tavis Uhing 43 yards on 9 carries, Jaron Meyer 41 yards on 5 carries, Connor Guill 35 yards on 2 carries, Colton Thomsen 34 yards in 4 carries, Caden Nelson 16 yards on 2 carries and Carter Bousquet 11 yards on one carry.

The Knights next opponent will be hosting Ponca in Oakland next Friday. They come to town with losses to Tekamah-Herman and BRLD.

Scoring Summary                                                                          

First Quarter                                                                                       OC     HCC

9:53     TD        Blake Johnson 45 Yd Run 

         (Jaron Meyer Kick No Good)                                 6       0

7:08     TD        Ian Lundquist 3 Yd Run 

                                 (Failed Two-Point Conversion)                              12     0

5:33     TD        Colton Thomsen 1 Yd Run 

                                 (Jaron Meyer Run For Two-Point Conversion)        20     0

Second Quarter                                                                                                                                    

10:28    TD        Ian Lundquist 2 Yd Run 

                                 (Wyatt Seagren Run For Two-Point Conversion)     28     0

8:00     TD        Coulter Thiele 53 Yd Pass From Colton Thomsen 

                                 (Ian Lundquist Run For Two-Point Conversion)      36     0

3:39     TD        Colton Thomsen 12 Yd Run 

                                 (Wyatt Seagren Run For Two-Point Conversion)     44     0

5:11     TD        Tavis Uhing 21 Yd Run 

                                 (Failed Two-Point Conversion)                              50     0

Third Quarter                                                                                                                                       

4:37     TD        Easton Becker 16 Yd Run 

                                 (Failed Two-Point Conversion)                              50     6

Fourth Quarter                                                                                                                                     

            TD        36 Yd Run 

                                 (Ted Bengston Kick)                                              50     13

Team Totals              O-C         HCC

Total Plays                 54           46

Total Yards                422         194

Passing Yards             133         100

Rushing Yards            289         94

First Downs                17           10

Third Down Eff           5/9          5/12

                                 -56%        -42%

Fourth Down Eff         2/3          1/2

                                 -67%        -50%

Turnovers                  0             3

Fumbles Lost             0             2

Interceptions Thrown0             1

Penalties                   5             2

Yards                         40           20

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