With the Spring athletics being cancelled and the school closed as far as students being able to congregate at the school, this year’s Athletic Banquet to honor the athletes for the year of accomplishment was a little bit different. 

It was done virtually due the pandemic. This year one could only imagine in their minds all the delicious food (main course and desserts) that are usually lined up on the tables for everyone to dig into. The food is usually provided by the Oakland-Craig athletes, parents, and Sports Boosters. They have always provided the most delectable dishes. It was not quite as filling this year.

The Baldwin Memorial Scholarships provided in memory of Tory Baldwin were awarded to Ian Lundquist, Colton Thomsen and Kennedy Benne.

The Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Cheri Droescher.

This year the athletes that were to speak on their sport prepared their speeches and recorded them at home to be shared with the students and coaches online. The following athletes spoke on their sport:


This year was an outstanding year for Oakland Craig Athletics that was just cut short by the canceling of the Spring sports. The Oakland Craig Football team won the State Championship for Class C2 with a perfect 13-0 record. They had nine selected to the All-District team, Mike Brands, Ian Lundquist, Wyatt Seagren, Caden Nelson, Coulter Thiele, Jarron Meyer, Colton Thomsen, Blake Johnson and Laurence Brands. The Three All District Honorable Mentions are Tom Maline, Mike Brands and Jarron Metzler. They had two selected to the All-State Offense, Wyatt Seagren and Laurence Brands, and two selected to the All-State Defense, Mike Brands and Jarron Metzler. Eight were selected All-State Honorable Mention, Caden Nelson, Coulter Thiele, Colton Thomsen, Blake Johnson, Ian Lundquist, Mike Brands, Tom Maline and Jarron Metzler. Speaker – Blake Johnson


The Oakland Craig Volleyball team were within 0.04 of a power-point of receiving a wild card to the sub-state district finals. They closed their season with a 23-10 record. They had 3 selected for EHC All-Conference, Bailey Helzer – first team all-conference, Kennedy Benne and Ashten Rennerfeldt were selected second team all-conference. Four were selected to All-State Honorable Mention, Kennedy Benne, Mya Guzinski, Ashten Rennerfeldt and Josie Richards. Speaker – Mya Guzinski


The Oakland Craig Boys Cross Country team gave it their best effort with every run, most turning in their best time at the end of the season. Speaker – Max Ward


The Oakland-Craig Girls Cross Country team qualified for state as a team as they finished in the top three at districts. Then finished in 14th place as a team at State. Speaker – Sam Linder


The Oakland-Craig Girls Golf team had a great accomplishment when they qualified as a team for state by finishing in the top three in their district. They went on to finish 14th at State. Speaker -Selena Johnson

BOYS BASKETBALL              

The Oakland-Craig Boys Basketball team lost in the subdistricts but were given new life with earning a wild card to the Sub-State District Finals to face Sutton, taking them to the buzzer as the Knights had two chances to hit a three, one to win the game at the end an the other 3-pointer would have forced and overtime. They finished the season with a 17-9 record. The Knights had 3 selected for EHC All-Conference, Wyatt Seagren and Colton Thomsen were 2nd team and Gunnar Ray was Honorable Mention. Three were selected as Class C2 All-State, Wyatt Seagren, Colton Thomsen and Gunnar Ray were Honorable Mention. Speaker - Colton Thomsen


The Oakland-Craig Girls team had an outstanding season as they went 22-0 before losing their first game of the season in the final game of the regular season. They went into the State tournament with a 25-1 record. They won their opening game at State, lost a close game with Ponca in the semi-finals and then lost to Crofton in the consolation game to finish 4th at state and closing their year out at 26-3. Kennedy Benne was selected on the All-tourney team at State. Five were selected to the EHC All-Conference team. Kennedy Benne was 1st team, Chaney Nelson and Mya Guzinski were 3rd team, Sydney Guzinski and Sadie Nelson were Honorable Mention. Two were selected All-State, Kennedy Benne was 1st team and Mya Guzinski were Honorable Mention. Speaker - Kennedy Benne


The wrestling team were strong competitors throughout the season with three qualifying for state. Three qualified for state, Trenton Arlt-District Champion, Thomas Maline-District Runner-up and Jarron Metzler-District Runner-up with Thomas Maline    placing at State with a 6th place finish. Speaker - Thomas Maline


The Oakland-Craig Dance team had another wonderful year with some great performances in front of the home crowd, performing at halftime of the Nebraska Football State championship, as well as at the sub-district basketball tournament. The competitive dance team placed high at State competition. Speaker - Hannah Moseman


It was unfortunate that the girls and boys track and boys golf teams were denied the chance to compete this year due to the COVA-19 pandemic, which caused NSAA to cancel the season. The Knights would have had a strong team in all three sports. Boys Track Speaker - Wyatt Seagren, Girls Track Speaker – Megan Bousquet and Boys Golf Speaker – Ian Lundquist.

There were no 12-sport letter winners this year. There were three 11-sport letter winners, Kennedy Benne, Ian Lundquist and Wyatt Seagren. There were four 10-sport letter winners, Megan Bousquet, Thomas Maline, Jarron Metzler and Colton Thomsen.

And last but not least the 2019-20 Female Athlete of the Years was presented to Kennedy Benne. The Male Athlete(s) of the Year was awarded to two athletes this year, Wyatt Seagren and Ian Lundquist. 

The following is the list of letter winners for 2019-20.

Seniors: Kennedy Benne (VB, BB, T), Megan Bousquet (G, DT, T), Laurence Brands (FB, WR, T), Mya Guzinski (VB, BB, T), Lucas Hilliard (XC, WR), Blake Johnson (FB, BB), Selena Johnson (G, DT), Sam Linder (XC, DT, T), Ian Lundquist (FB, BB, G), Thomas Maline (FG, WR, G), Jarron Metzler (FB, WR, T), Connor Mockenhaupt (G), Hannah Moseman (XC, DT), Wyat Seagren (FB, BB, T), Trinity Seery (XC), Jack Selken (FB), Colton Thomsen (FB, BB, G), and Max Ward (XC, T).

Juniors: Edie Anderson (G, BB, DT), Trenton Arlt (FB, WR), Jeannina Blahak (BB), Mike Brands (FB), Emily Carmichael (F, DT), Trey Deemer (FB, BB), Gavin Enstrom (FB), Jaden Harney (FB,BB), Karah Johnson (DT), Mike Maline (FB, BB), Jaron Meyer (FB, BB), Alec Mockenhaupt (FB), Marissa Mulder (VB, DT), Caden Nelson (FB, BB), Brynn Norton (DT), Rheanna Paul (VB), Makenna Pearson (VB, BB), Jack Pille (FB), Gunnar Ray (FB, BB), Ashten Rennerfeldt (VB DT), Josie Richards (VB), and Coulter Thiele (FB, BB).

Sophomores: Kiley Arlt (VB, DT), Amon Bryan (BB), Keenan Brown (FB), Grady Gatewood (FB, BB), Connor Guill (FB), Bailey Helzer (VB), Elliott Johnson (FB), Kallah Johnson (XC), Aiden Johnson (XC), Jenni Karge (G), Ellen Magnusson, (XC), Dawson Rhoades (FB), Carson Thomsen (FB, BB), and Tavis Uhing (FB, WR).

Freshmen: Carter Bousquet (WR), Sydney Guzinski (XC, BB), Max Henry (XC), Landon Hilliard (WR), Laryn Johnson (VB), Maycie Johnson (VB, DT), Shea Johnson (VB), Chaney Nelson (XC, BB), Sadie Nelson (VB, BB) and Johnna Peterson (DT).

New Records Set during 2019-20:


Assists in a season               Mya Guzinksi          156       2019-2020

Assists in a career                Mya Guzinksi          381       2018-2020

Assist career avg                 Mya Guzinski          4.7       2018-2020

Steals in a season                Kennedy Benne       157       2019-2020

Steals in a career                 Kennedy Benne       322       2017-2020

Steal per game avg              Kennedy Benne       4.2       2017-2020

Best Record:                       26-3                                   (2019-2020)

Football School Records

Scoring in a Season                                            631       2019

Rushing in a Season                                           4309     2019

Total Yards in a season                                      5,707    2019

Total yards in a game                                        634       2019

Fewest yards allowed in a game                         7          2019

Best Record                                                      13-0     (1995 and 2019)

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