Jessica Crimmins

As some of you may already know, this issue marks my last with the Lyons Mirror-Sun.  I will be leaving the paper for a new job in a different field.  While I am excited about new opportunities, I am also sad to be leaving.

I have enjoyed my years with your community.  I have been continually impressed with how involved in the community so many of you are, and how you support one another.  It has been my pleasure working with you, and doing my best to keep up with the community goings-on.

For the time being, Curt Hineline, who is the General Manager of both the Oakland Independent and the Lyons Mirror-Sun, will oversee both papers.  He will let you know of any changes in personnel.

Anyone with news items to share can still send them to LyonsNewspaper@gmail.comor leave them on the Mirror-Sun Facebook page; Curt will be monitoring both of those.  I believe he will be looking for someone to cover reporting in Lyons, much like Debbie Krutilek does for Decatur.  

Speaking of Debbie, I would like to thank her very much for all she does for Decatur.  She is an amazing advocate for Decatur, and I know that I am leaving them in very capable hands.  

As good byes are some of my least favorite things to write, I'll wrap this up now, and leave with this final, not-so-random thought:  Thank you. Thank you all for welcoming me, and sharing your lives and milestones with me.  Thank you. (And go Wolverines!!)

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