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Evel Knievel

Mazinga Shogun Warrior



STP Racers


My list of favorite childhood toys could go on and on.  As I am sure yours could as well.  

One Tuesday afternoon following a prayer meeting at the church, the ladies began to discuss their childhood play.  Other than a doll and maybe a few dishes, some of them had very little.  They all agreed that playing house required a great deal of imagination.  If available, they would tie string around trees to set room boundaries.

My childhood was much different.  Maybe you can relate.  When Christmas would roll around, my mom would have us sort through our toys to get rid of some of them to make room for the new ones.  I would no sooner have all of my presents open and I would be calling my friends to see what they were given.  The word “spoiled” comes to mind.

As I think about each of the toys on my short list, each comes with a story. Those stories have familiar faces even if likely only familiar to me.  Images come to mind of locations, even smells and sounds.  Some 45 years later and these thoughts still put a smile on my face.

Those toys brought us all a little closer together as children.  My first Evel Knievel toy came from a friend on my birthday.  He bought me the exact little motorcycle dude that he had knowing how much joy it brought him.  My Mazinga Shogun Warrior brought Joe into my life.  He had Godzilla, and we would fight against each other during kindergarten play time.

Little battery operated four wheel drive trucks called Stompers brought us together in junior high as we competed in miniature truck pulls.

As we become adults, it seems we focus on the things that drive us a part more than those that bring us together.  I miss my childhood.  I really do. There are so many great memories of family and friends... and of course, toys.

But more than that, I miss not caring about what makes us different and looking forward to finding what brings us just a little bit closer.

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