Debbie Krutilek

Debbie Krutilek

You probably have all watched the TV series “Dirty Jobs”.   If you haven't then consider yourself lucky.  There are some really nasty jobs that include strange, disgusting and messy occupational expectations employees perform as part of their job duties. The show was a regular series that ran for eight seasons on the Discovery Channel.

This morning I was walking my dog in the park and noticed a gal doing something by the outhouses.  At first I thought she was sick.  I asked if she was okay, and while trying not to lose her breakfast she said it was time to pump out the outhouses and she had to remove the cans and bottles from the sewage before the pump truck could take care of it. What?

Oh my gosh!!!  People actually drop bottles and cans down the outhouse holes?  Are you kidding me? How awful!  I could only imagine what she was pulling out of there as she used the grasping tool to drag up cans and bottles floating under an outhouse. 

 I am suggesting a trashcan be placed outside the outhouses and perhaps, “maybe??” people would be considerate enough to throw their trash in the provided trash can.   Granted, there are NO guarantees they will use a trash can, but we could only hope they would.   

Carelessly disposed of trash is a pet peeve of mine.  Seems there is always trash along the roads and I wonder how people have the nerve to toss their garbage out the window.   There are times when I walk across the walk bridge where there is a trash can sitting 2 feet from where someone dropped their cans, bottles, drink cups and bags of junk.  Along the park road I understand some things may blow out of a boat or pickup box, but sometimes the bottles are half-full or heavy glass bottles, so those were deliberately slung out a window. For instance, last week we were going to Sioux City and stopped at McDonalds in Onawa on the way and the car ahead of us left the parking lot, stopped at the stop sign and threw out a bunch of drink cups and other broad daylight, knowing we were right behind them.  Unbelievable!!

Now that I am done ranting, I can't really say I feel better, but at least I think I may have made readers aware of what others have to put up with because of the acts of a few.  Whoever disposed of their trash down in an outhouse hasto realize even though their cans and bottles are not outside the outhouse littering up the park, they don't just disintegrate and go away.  Somebody has to dispose of them at some point in time, definitely qualifying as a “dirty job!” even though it never made the top ten list of the dirtiest or was featured on the TV show.

Ending on a positive note, morning walks are usually something I look forward to and enjoy.  The efforts of our town's employees constantly keep everything looking great around town.  Thanks for your hard work.  It doesn't go unnoticed, we just don't tell you often enough.

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