I would like to introduce myself. Hi, I am Kelly Johnson. I’m Kelly with a “Y,” since there are two Kelli/y Johnson’s at Oakland Heights. We even have the same middle name! I am the new Activity Director for the nursing home. So, if you call Oakland Heights looking for me ask for “Kelly with a Y,” if not they will find me. 

I worked previously in dietary and so I know the residents well. I am very excited to be in Activities and working along side with Jill Johnson. We are looking forward to creating exciting and safe activities for the Oakland Heights residents.

This week at Oakland Heights we started Saturday, September 2 with our “GBR Photo Booth!”

The residents dressed in their favorite Husker apparel and smiled big with different prop. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the slide show. Residents watched the Huskers play while eating their sack meals for lunch. Residents were ready to cheer on the Huskers against Colorado.

We enjoyed Sing Along, Game Days, Bingo, Show and Share, and Let’s Play Ball. We enjoyed the live Music with Mike Barger, following Bell Choir with Mike directing the residents. 

We enjoyed cake and ice cream in celebration of June Schold's 91stBirthday during coffee hour on September 4th. Many family, friends, residents and staff helped June celebrate.

On Friday September 6th, residents helped shuck corn for the dinner planned on Sunday in honor of Grandparent’s Day. Residents were served Fried Chicken, Mash Potatoes, Salad and Sundaes for dessert.

Volunteers for the week were Mike Barger, Kyle Johnson, Makala Johnson, Clover McCauley, Judy Nelson, Betty Hanna, Marj Maller, Patty Miller, Ann Nadine Anderson, Bonnie Fleischman, Sandra Anderson, Marilee Groth, and Kathi Reed. Thank you for your service and time.

Guest visiting this week were Jim and Jo Shuey to see Gary Olsen, Dea O’Conner visited Aloma Forsberg, David Schorn came to see Rosemary Kai, Susan Skinner visited with Joan Price, as well as many others from family of the residents. Please come again, and we look forward to seeing anyone.

Looking ahead to the next week we will be Patriot Day on Wednesday, September 11thwith Strawberry Sundaes, and celebrating birthdays: Willmer Moseman and Marjorie Elsasser.

Please enjoy the pictures of what’s happening at Oakland Heights.

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