Dominick Seery

Firefighter and EMT Dominick Seery serves as the Oakland Fire Captain- Training Officer, and is excited to pursue a fulltime career in the fire service.

Following in his parent’s footsteps, Dominick Seery – 2019 Oakland-Craig graduate, has hit the ground running as a first responder.  Nick Seery, his father, joined the Oakland Fire & Rescue eighteen years ago.  Dominick was just two years old.  His mother, Susan, joined the department about six years later.  Dominick and his sister Trinity often accompanied their parents to the fire hall for meetings and trainings.  Today, 19-year-old Dominick is the Fire Captain (training officer) and his younger sister Trinity, now a senior at Oakland-Craig, is a first-year cadet on the same department.

Being part of a firefighter family made its way into the young man’s blood.  It all began when he was asked to play the part of an accident victim as a boy during a training.  He knew then that he would someday like to play the role of a first responder.

Like many who join a volunteer fire department, Dominick saw it as an opportunity to help out and give back to the community.  He started attending meetings even before becoming a cadet at age sixteen.  “At the time, I thought it would be a really good idea to serve, but it quickly evolved into so much more than that,” Dominick remembers.

“Now that I have the skillset that I do, I am to help people more on both the fire and rescue side.  I am especially proud to be able to help on the rescue side."

Although that opportunity came quickly, it didn’t come without an incredible amount of study, training and testing in just a few short years.  

Between the ages of 17-18, Dominick set out to get his Firefighter 1 certification.  He then set out to get his Hazmat endorsement.  He was certified as soon as he turned 18. Soon after he started to work on his EMT classes. At Monday’s regular meeting of the department it was announced that Dominick is fully certified and registered as an EMT.  He is likely the youngest to ever acquire the skills and certifications he has on the Oakland department.

“I didn’t expect to get where I am now,” Dominick stated. “I thought it would be a few years before I became captain.  It has been great to be able to see people progress and grow both in skill and in person.”

As the fire captain, he is responsible for teaching and facilitating training opportunities for his fellow firefighters.  

Committed to be a lifelong learner, Dominick says he can’t believe he will ever have the attitude of knowing it all.  He has attended three different fire schools multiple times.  “I am always excited to learn everything I can,” he said.  That drive has lead him to the next phase in his life.

Dominick will soon be attending bootcamp and tech school through the Air National Guard in Texas with a focus on the fire service.  “I want to become a better firefighter and be able to train local members with the things I learn as well."

Upon completion, he will serve full-time with the fire service in Sioux City while living the Oakland Fire District.  “This will give me another opportunity to serve and to grow as a firefighter.”

Even though he had an incomparable drive to advance in his skillset, he understands that everyone is different.  He would be quick to encourage everyone with the slightest interest in the fire or ambulance service to attend some meetings.  “Not everyone is going to want to go into a burning structure.  Everybody can contribute in so many ways,” he said.

Fire Prevention Week

Dominick has taken the reins in planning and organizing the events of Fire Prevention Week.  Younger students at Oakland-Craig Elementary had the opportunity to find their way through a smoke maze while the older students learned about extinguishing a grease fire.

The department is working together to host a Beef Burger Fundraiser on Sunday, Oct. 13th from 11:00-1:00 p.m. at the fire hall.  Committee chair Jamie Johnson is excited to get the fundraiser off the ground and has her fingers crossed for a great turnout.

Although tax dollars pay for equipment and training for the department, there are numerous other expenses that these fundraisers help pay for.  “Please plan to join us on Sunday,” Johnson said. 

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