Tuesday evening, September 3rd, the village of Decatur listened and feared the worst when sirens could be heard coming into town, seemingly from every direction.  We soon learned that there was a fire at a popular place in town.  Pop 'N Doc's had called the 911 to report a fire.  Fortunately the Decatur Fire Department was quickly on the scene and able to extinguish the fire within a short amount of time, keeping the fire from spreading to other parts of the upstairs apartment.  Decatur Fire requested mutual aid from neighboring fire departments Lyons and Bancroft, who arrived on the scene in short order.

During a visit with co-owner Mark Kwikkel he stated he was at a football game in Blair when his brother called him to tell him what was happening.  Luckily Doug spotted the fire from the shed where he was working and had both the dogs, Cocoa and Lucy, out there with him.

Mark noted that after the fire was extinguished, he talked with one of the firemen and was told they were able to put the fire out with approximately 1,000 gallons of water. However, even that amount of water can do damage.  Because of water in the electrical panel, as well as smoke and water damage into the restaurant, Pop 'N Doc's will be closed for the remainder of the season.  Mark was optimistic and said he and his family members have talked about the possibility of having a little season finale at the end of September if everything works out.   

Pop 'N Doc's patrons and friends continue to provide support to the Kwikkel family.  On Wednesday morning there was a lot of activity on the property, with several community members providing assistance to help Mark and Doug with whatever they needed.  During the week a cleaning service came to assist with the clean up. Repairs will be a work in progress over the next few months.  Thankfully it is a sure plan that the middle of May 2020 the famous spot on the Missouri River will be open and ready to welcome everyone back.

The suspected cause was an electrical wire in the laundry room.  Mark Kwikkel's final comment was, “We have been through a flood, now a fire. What's next, a famine?”  

Pop 'N Doc's patrons and friends are thankful for the quick response of our Decatur Fire Department and also appreciative for the Lyons and Bancroft firefighters coming to assist.  Our community knows the importance of the marina and all the offerings we have available because of Pop 'N Doc's and the Kwikkel family.  It was a huge relief the next morning to learn the damage was repairable and we hadn't lost an important part of our community.

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