On December 18th, 2013, the Burt County Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance of Oakland Chief Jacobs and Lyons Chief Buck, arrested two males for theft of scrap metal from an abandoned farm site in rural Burt County. 

This arrest could not have been possible without the watchful eye and quick thinking of a rural mail carrier, who saw an unfamiliar pickup filled with scrap metal, leave the farm site. The mail carrier called the land owner, who called the Sheriff’s Office, with a vehicle description and vehicle direction of travel which led to the arrest. 

Iron and copper are at an all time high, making the risk taking profitable for those who choose to commit crimes of theft. 

“We all need to be like that mail carrier. We all know who lives where and who farms what,” said Burt County Sheriff Bob Pickell. “We can all make a difference by watching for suspicious persons and vehicles and should we see something out of the ordinary, call Law Enforcement. Many of you have done this in the past and it has helped tremendously. Please help keep our county safe, “report suspicious activity immediately” by calling 911. Thank you for your help.” Sheriff Pickell added.

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