Graduate Banners

Oakland City employee Bryan Johnson, with the help of his crew, hung the Class of 2020 banners on Oakland Ave. Like Megan Bousquet, each graduate’s picture was proudly displayed on Oakland’s main street.

Most remember their high school graduation as a joyous occasion filled with memories.  Although the Oakland-Craig class of 2020 will have have their own unique memories, there is still disappointment as the COVID 19 pandemic has made graduation anything but traditional for these young adults.

Having already missed out on so many spring activities, many were asking what could be done to make this a more memorable occasion.  Shara Johnson, the mother of 2020 graduate Blake Johnson, took inspiration from other communities and set out to give the graduates the recognition they would miss out on.  Enlisting the help of others, Johnson designed and ordered banners featuring pictures of each graduate to adorn the light poles on Oakland Ave.

Once ordered, it came to the attention of Sue Beckner, president of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.  The chamber decided to pay for the banners and the City of Oakland Employees took on the responsibility to hang them.

Class of 2020 member Kennedy Benne was quick to send a thank you to all involved.

“Thank you so much for the banners for my classmates and me!” Benne wrote.  “It’s so cool to drive down our main street and see all of us.  This has been a unique ending to my senior year but this town as done everything they can to make it special.  I love where I live and the gesture proves how great of a town we have!  Thank You!”

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