Nuisance property

This house at 355 N. Sixth St. was deemed a nuisance property in 2014. It was later burned down by the Arlington Volunteer Fire Department in 2016.

A vacant house at 355 N. Sixth St., Arlington, is going to be demolished because its owner did not remedy village nuisance ordinance violations.

The Arlington Village Board of Trustees approved on Monday night the demolition of a two-story home owned by Jerry Scheer of Fremont. The building was the “largest offender” in the first phase of a three-part survey of the village by Metropolitan Area Planning Agency — the third party hired to administer the implementation of the village nuisance ordinance.

Nuisance officer Grant Anderson reported to the board in July the property qualified as “substandard” and appeared as if it could be a “haven for rodents.” A hazardous porch was one of the main concerns.

Scheer was notified, along with 11 other potential nuisance offenders, in May of the survey findings. He did not demonstrate sufficient progress to save the building. It takes about three months from the initial nuisance assessment until the process advances to the point where the village can sell or demolish an offending property.

The village board hesitated to make the call Monday to raze Scheer’s house.

“If we aren’t going to follow through, we shouldn’t even have these ordinances in place,” board member Red Misfeldt said.

The board approved a bid from Grefe Excavating of Arlington for demolition. The quote doesn’t include asbestos abatement, which will also be the responsibility of the village. All demolition costs will be assessed to Scheer.

No timeline was set for demolition, but it could happen at any time.

Scheer told the Citizen on Tuesday that he is fed up with the “hate bombs” directed at him regarding his property.

“It was almost like coming home to Vietnam, except I didn’t get spit on this time,” he said. “I have no use for Arlington, Nebraska.”

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